The new life.

What will happen when Riley and her best friend Ireland move from there small town in LA to London? Adventure love and secrets will come out.


1. back ground.

It was a typical Monday morning for Ireland and Riley. They just got done eating breakfast in there flat right outside of LA. The whole ride to school was quiet. Ireland especially. All she could think of was when she walked into what riley was doing last night. She tried to hold back tears. She looked over at Riley who was in the passenger seat.


So many thought were going threw my head. "I can't believe she saw what I was doing last night. And it hurts she had to find out by seeing me actually doing it and me not telling her myself." I had to bite my lip to keep a tear from falling. I looked back over at Ireland.

"Let's move to London." Riley said. "What?!?" Ireland said almost swerving off the road. "Ya the only reason I do what you saw me doing was because of the bitches in your school. They all love you. But when I'm alone they decide to go after me. And I'm done with it. Let's go somewhere where nobody knows us. We can start over Ireland. I can start over. I'll stop."okay,we'll pack tonight." Insisted Ireland. "Tonight!?! No. Screw school!! Let's go back to the flat now." Riley said stubbornly. "Okay" Ireland said while laughing. "London here we come" they both said at the same time while laughing.

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