Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


9. Chapter 9

Zayn's POV:

Hey, you free tomorrow night?

Um, yea why?

Seriously? I wanna take you out. 

Okay, not that club place though please.

She really would think I'm taking her back there? After what happened? Never in a million years. 

I slide my phone back into my football pants and grab my bag, and saying goodbye to everyone. I walk out and see Kiera and some guy I somewhat recognize waiting at the bottom of the stands. 

"Cool practice, your really good." He says to me. American accent. God, this is going to be long. I can't stand their accents for some reason, always got to me. 

"Practice makes perfect." 

"Thats what I always say." He says chewing on some gum. 




Kiera's POV:

Okay this just got weird they barely know each other and already a man hug. I wonder if Zayn knows he's staying with us. 

"Hey can you give us a ride home?" I ask Zayn. 

He nods and throws his stuff in the front seat as me and Austin climb in the back. This is just like those parts in the movies where the dad is driving the girl and her date. 

Less than five minutes later, we walk in and Austin's stuff is already here. 

"You're staying here?" Zayn asks looking at the same thing as me. 

"Ya, I mean Kiera said it was okay." He says giving me the attention. Oh thanks Austin. 

Zayn nods again, and walks out of the house making his way to the garage. 

"Do you um... like Zayn?" I ask. It seemed like it, I just wanted to clear everything up. 

He looks in the direction that Zayn left and doesn't answer me. 

"He has a girlfriend, so you can't. Sorry." 

He walks over to me and places his hands on my shoulders. Oh dear god.

"Kiera...relax. I don't. I have my eye out for someone at home." He says smiling. I release a huge breathe, that I didn't know I was holding. 

"Well guest bedroom is over here." I say carrying some of his stuff and leading him to the bedroom. His bedroom was across the hall from mine. 

It was already really late, and I haven't ate and I'm guessing he hasn't either. 

"Hungry?" I say throwing his stuff on the ground. 

"Yes." He says looking down. 

"Okay, I'll go get something for us." I say walking past him and down the stairs. 

It feels awkward having him here. 

I get to the kitchen and heat up some left over pasta from last night and get us some soda. I make my way out of the kitchen when my arm is grabbed, forcing me back. 

"Please, just please, don't fall for him." He whispers I nod and walk up the stairs to find him in my room. Why is everyone in my room? Seriously.

"Here you go." I say tossing the soda can at him and handing him the pasta. I flick on the television and change it to my favorite show. 

I hop on the bed, only seconds later he hops on the bed too. 

"How long are you here?"

"It depends if we win our games. The longer we win, the longer we stay until the tournament ends." I nod and shove my face with pasta giving my attention back to the show. 


Niall's POV:

Me and Louis went to get a bite to eat since Melissa couldn't come. We haven't spoke since me and Kiera broke up, besides on the football field. 

"So that Austin guy huh?" He asks food still in his mouth. I wonder if he knows how this makes me feel. Probably. 

"What about him?" My voice full of disgust. I mean I wouldn't regularly be like this towards someone, but the fact that he is spending time with Kiera gets to me. I'm still not over this...yet. 

"I heard he's staying with her. And it might be long." Yep, he definetly knows how I feel about him and her. But I can't take this. I'm going to get her back. Right now. 

I get up from the table, kicking my chair  back, causing my drink to spill. Louis is still eating and I get in my car and drive off to her house. But thanks to all the stupid people getting off of work, it takes me longer. Hitting every red light and in traffic for longer than I can take I finally get there. 

I've been in her house, and room before so I know exactly where to go. I skip the front door and climb over to her side of the house. The window is open and its quiet. Hell no. 

Like every girl's room in a movie it has this balcony terrace thing with leaves growing onto the side of the house with a couple trees. I climb the trees but soon regret it to hear laughing. A girl and a guy's laugh. 

It stops, and I hear russeling in the room. 

"Hey Louis." Is all I hear. 


A/N: Hey guys I'm still sick, and finals are this week. So mainly thats why I haven't updated but I will hopefully tomorrow. I have two finals and a basketball that is tomorrow so I might update. Will see. 

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