Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


8. Chapter 8

A/N: Hey sorry guys I haven't updated in a long time!! I really am, its just I feel like this story is coming to an end and I'm not sure what to write. Idk. But here is chapter 8, please enjoy. I should update tomorrow but this whole time I've been sick, I haven't done anything, and I've been in bed sleeping the entire week! Since thursday to today, maybe tomorrow. Like REALLY SICK. :p blehhh


 Kiera's POV: 

Austin's coming this wednesday, which is two days away and I'm so excited to see him. I haven't actually told anyone about him, maybe Eleanor. 

But I haven't seen her much since she got in a fight with her parents and is staying at Harry's. She's probably too dead to go to school, when she's around him. 

"Hey there Kiera." I hear a voice behind me and I immediately think its Niall, I haven't heard his accent in forever and I'm longing to hear it since I'm forgetting what an angel sounds like. 

"Go away." I say walking faster out of the school parking lot. I make a quick turn to the back and I don't hear anyone so I walk slower. 

"Hey, think you're going anywhere? I have no place to go without you." This time I recognize his voice. I turn around and run at him, dropping my bag into the dirt and jumping on him and in his arms. 

"Why are you here?" I whisper into his arms as he holds me still. 

"I flew in early. Wanted to surprise you. But it looks like you kinda don't want me to be here." 

"Oh I thought you were um just someone else." I say picking my bag off the ground and dusting it off. 


I nod without looking at him and walk towards him. 

"Common lets go, I don't live far so it won't be long carrying your bags." I say looking at him. I've missed him so much. Really. 


"You got a really cool soccer team." 

"Football." I correct without looking. I wonder if he knows who Niall is. I mean I have showed him pictures of Niall before but I'm just wondering. 

"You live close right?" He asks still looking at the field with the players on. 

"Yea...why?" I say walking up to him and in front of him. He is actually a lot taller than me, probably why he is such a good volleyball player; well everyone is taller than me. :(

"Won't be too long of a walk in the dark. I wanna watch them. Can we stay?" I want to do anything BUT this. Watch Niall practice, muscles straining and showing through his jersey and skin. 


He walks over to the bleachers and I do the same. I'm silently praying that Niall doesn't notice me and I know he will recognize Austin. He made a huge deal over him when I came home from the airport and its just gut feeling. 


Niall's POV:

What the fuck is that Austin dude here? He and Kiera aren't dating. He lives in America. Unless he moved. Then they could be dating. But why is he here?

I already saw her jump into his arms and she's never done with me. It kills me a little but I can't let her or him get to me. Not this time. Oh god, what if he did move here and is going to go to school here? Well one solution...I'm transferring. 

I have good grades and can play football I'm set. 

All the girls would go for him, I mean he has to play a sport, he's fit. I'm surprised Kiera hasn't gone for him. She was always with me. 


Eleanor's POV:

So Austin's in town. Might have to check him out. 


Katy's POV:

"So that Zayn guy." My older brother starts. 

"What about my boyfriend?" I ask pausing the movie I was watching.

"You like him?"

What kind of question is that? 

"Yes...I love him." I mutter the second part quietly but he seems to care. He teases me by poking me and making kissing noises. 

"Oh go your girlfriend or something! Leave me alone." I say rolling my eyes and playing the movie. 

"Can't. We broke up." I pause the movie again, and actually give my attention to him. His girlfriend was so nice, gave me advice and was pretty. She was a keeper. 

I pat the seat next to me and he comes over and slumps down. 

"What happened?" I ask after figuring out he's not gonna be the first to talk about this. 

"She cheated on me." Prettiness probably got to the other boys out there. Probably didn't stop them. 

"I'm sorry, I really am. Wanna go get some frozen yogurt or something?" I ask trying to cheer him up. They could have broke up a week ago and I never would have figured it out. Besides I barely see her with him or her. She's always traveling and looking at colleges. I mean they only have like a month left. 

"Aren't you hanging out with Zayn or something?" He asks me sarcastically. 

"He can wait." I say getting up and stopping the movie for good. He laughs at me and I laugh too. 

"Okay I would never do that to him but he's at practice. Common lets go before I ditch you or something and bring him yogurt. 

"Fine fine."


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