Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


2. Chapter 2

Niall's POV:

What the hell was Louis thinking? He was planning this. To get Kiera to be his. I bet he's using that Melissa girl to make her jealous. But I can't get over her face when she found out. 

I felt my heart deepen into a black hole that is never ending. After the beach everyone came around me, most of them spitting out comments of why I didn't tell her. 

I couldn't give them a full reason because at that moment I didn't have one. And it was basically the same when I first saw her. 

Who would she be with if it wasn't me and her? God, I hope not Nate. The thought of her and Nate twists my stomach in different directions and I want it to stop. 

The first time we got into a fight I drank until I couldn't see straight but this time I didn't want to. I don't have the strength to be drunk and carefree. Does she think I even loved her? 

Louis took her home last night after the incident and- did he kiss her? Have they kissed before? My actions play out before my thoughts and my fist has made a noticeable dent in the wall. 

"Shit" I curse under my breathe. I no longer have Greg to blame for these types of things since he moved out. 

My hand is throbbing and I'm sure as hell I'm not going to the hospital and telling them I punched a wall because of a girl. My fingers tap the screen as I dial her number hoping for an answer and for me to explain. Explain? What though? 

Oh I thought somebody was going to date you before I got the chance, so I called dibs on you.

Fuck no. I don't even believe myself. The phone tells me the number has been disconnected causing me to throw it against the dent in the wall and crackling into pieces before my eyes. 

My body slumps down against the cold door of my room and I feel like shit. I am a piece of it anyway. No girl should be treated like that. Especially her. 

My actions and thoughts combine in salty tears that slowly make their way down my face. i've never cried out of true sadness and hatred (for myself) before. It was new to me. Including how much I love Kiera. I still do. I plan to get her back but I have to find a way. I have an entire weekend to come up with a plan and maybe more if she decides not to come to school. 

Has she talked to Zayn? Is she feeling the same as me? Did she go home again? Meeting Austin there? Is she with Louis or Eleanor?

More questions flood my mind and when I felt something like this way I'd always talk to her. She would be there for me, my rock. It sounds cheesy but when other guys would 'flirt' with her, she wouldn't look at anyone but me. She's comb my hair back and kiss the bridge of my nose. Whispering reassuring phrases into my ear. Everything that might never happen again because of the stupid move I made. 



Today's finally Monday meaning school. I've never been looking forward to it, but I'd give anything or pay it to see her angelic face again. I've stayed in the same clothes all weekend, which is now reeking of my smell and B.O. 

I change into my football pants, athletic shoes and my jersey since today we have a game. How will I play? She was always there in the stands swallowed among the other fans of both teams on the field. She would always cheer and keep eyes on me when I saw her. Will she even go?

I get in my car and drive off, stopping at her house, forgetting what happened. Her house is dark, no lights on and no one can be seen. No one on the side walk walking, and their cars are gone. I shake it off and pick up the car speed making my way to school. We have every class together except she has biology. 

6 hours to tell her everything. And lunch. 

I walk faster than usual to our first class, World History and she isn't there. She never skips class without me, so I'm positive she wouldn't unless she went back home again. I'm desperatly hoping she didn't, that I'd get to see her beautiful face again. Being with out her for a weekend killed me already and I don't want to go through any more pain. 

The bell reads 3 minutes till class starts and I'm counting down the seconds till I see her walk into the room to start school with me. 

The hand of the clock gets closer to its destination and I see her quickly run in, books fumbling in her hands. 

Her clothes are baggy and there are deep circles under her eyes. The rings don't compliment her read puffy eyes. I don't care how she looks she looks beautiful. 

She takes a seat next to Eleanor and I can tell by the way her face is she knows I am looking at her. El lightly hugs her and Kiera pushes her away. I've never seen Kiera like this before.

The way El's hand wrap around her body something's missing. Kiera hasn't been eating. She's losing weight. Thats why her clothes are baggy and her face is pale. 

She's losing weight, and fast. The thought scares me even more, and I feel myself getting out of the seat and and walking towards her. It feels like everything is in slow motion. I try to move faster but I can't. 


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