Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


16. Chapter 16

Kiera's POV:

I can't believe him. But it doesn't matter, because the last half year of my life was nothing. 

"She's not in the hotel I've looked everywhere." Harry tells me, he really cares about Eleanor. I wish Niall cared about me this way. 

"Um okay I'll take the car and drive around anywhere, Harry you take your car and stay around here in case someone sees her or she comes back." I say. He listens and sadly Niall comes with me. I start the car and and drive off onto the busy street and go down all the packed streets having Niall and myself look down the streets and into the stores. There are a few nightclubs open and packed and I really don't wanna go in there but for someone I actually care about, I will. I pull into a tight parking spot and I get out.

"She might be in one of these clubs so we have to go look." I yell to him above all the loud noise. 

"Really? In here?"

"Yes, I want to find her cause I care about her and Harry." I emphasize the word care. He looks down and shakes his head. 

"Ki-" I cut him off my grabbing his arm and walking around to the back side. Thank god one of the doors are open. We slip inside and look at all the people at the bar then in the booths, I nod over to dance floor and we push people to get a better view.

"She's not here, lets go look in the other ones." He nods and follows me out to the back, where I see multiple guys carrying something. Oh god no. Please no. 

I hit Niall in the stomach and he complains. I 'shh' him and point over to the group a couple yards away. I'm capable of meeting getting Eleanor but not with the group of guys surrounding her. Wouldn't she be fighting back?

I tell Niall to call Harry and he agrees but we can't help her just the three of us. Its almost midnight and we're 3 hours away. 

"So how are we going to get her?" Niall whispers, "Well we have to get someone to help." 

"How?" I look back at the building with crazy music and drunk people. I have to find someone to help us, and now. 

"I have to get someone in there to help." 

He hates my idea and I can tell by his facial expression. I slip back into the night club and I look at myself. I'm totally under-dressed. I walk over to a random booth with a bunch of guys. I don't have a lot of money in my pockets to buy them drinks but I can tell them I could and leave. 

I slump into the booth and at least try to act drunk. (a/n: lol)

I let my head fall onto one of the guys shoulders and they all look at me. 

"You're to pretty to be dressed like that!" One of them yell across the table. I give off my best drunken smile and grabbed a drink and drank it all. 

"Can you guys help me?" I complain with a giggle added. 

They all looked at each other and one spoke up.

"Whats in it for us?" I looked at all of them and there were about 6 of them. Some of them winked at me and I knew exactly what they were thinking. Ya right. Hell no. 

"Drinks on me, as many as you want!" I cheered and smiled. They all broke out it "ay's" and hollers. 

"What do you need?"

"Some group of guys won't leave me and my friend alone, and you guys look really strong." I smile. They nod and I get out of the booth and they follow me outside. I pretend to trip over myself as one of them catches me and I smile. I get outside and point over to the group that has gone down the back way farther but still visible. 

"They won't leave my friend alone, care to show them to stop?" 

They walk down there joking, and fighting with each other. I back away and stand next to Niall who is standing behind the door. 

"Good thing you didn't try and fight them." 

"Where'd you get 6 guys from?" He asks me with a little worry in his face.

"Relax, but once we get Eleanor, hopefully thats her, we have to run, like fast to our car."

I watch my guys throw some punches at the others and then get punched back. I let out a tiny laugh and finally one of them knocks out on of the guys carrying 'Eleanor'. She kinda dropped to the ground and I backed away, cutting my arm on the door or wall. It was pretty bad since it went though my jacket but nothing bad. 


Niall's POV:

Kiera made it clear this night about the whole caring thing. I was going to say I did love her when we were together. Of course I loved her. I didn't do the things I did with her for nothing. 

Once one of the guys fell, all the others dropped Eleanor they all ran away and the guys Kiera found picked up Eleanor like she was a feather. They gave her to me and I carried her bridal style while Kiera talked with them. 

They went back inside and she quickly came back out, running and telling me to run. She pulled out the keys and unlocked the car and I put Eleanor in the back seat. 

"Tell Harry to meet us at the nearest hospital, they probably knocked her out with some type of drug, and I don't know when she could wake up."

But having Eleanor back relieved me because maybe I could finally talk to Kiera. 



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