Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


15. Chapter 15

Niall's POV:

I couldn't give Kiera time cause then she would rethink her love for me. So I was going to get her to be mine tonight. I was down the road from her house and planning to go soon. I know that there is guests at her house so I'm not going to do anything right now.

But appearantly not? I see her car racing past me and she's going to get caught by someone and it's not going to be good. I start my car and pick up speed to get close to her car. I'm probably the one of the only person she doesn't want to see but I have to see if she's okay.

She makes weird turns and I wonder if she knows I'm following her.

Kiera's POV:

I got directions to this hotel he's at and u can't believe it's 3 hours away. My GPS gives me the wierdest turns but I follow. I can't even imagine the stress Harry is in and I don't want to. This is out of control. My life included.

About an hour and a half into the drive my car starts making noises and I notice the gas is almost gone. Great. Just my day. I try and pull over and I flag Niall down. I lock my car up and hopefully no one breaks in. I knew he was behind me the entire time I just refused to let him help me if he knows what I am doing.

"I need a ride" I say to Niall with the windows rolled down.

"Um ya sure get in."

"No. I'm driving. Out."

He's surprised with my attitude but I'm not sitting here listening to him pester me with questions and "his love for me".

He gets out and goes onto the passenger side leaving the keys in. I adjust the seat and hit the radio and programs phone I give me the directions.

"Where are we going?" He asks me.

"No, I'm going to help my friend that I really care about and love. Your just letting me use your car."

He nods and thank god he rest of the ride is silent. It starts raining and I remember I'm not in America anymore so it constantly rains here.

We are 5 minutes away and I can see the hotel lights. I call Harry and put him on speaker phone and Niall takes he phone from me and holds it close to my face.

"Hey I'm around the corner. Where are you?"

"Um I'll meet you at the front. Thanks Kiera. And hurry."

I stay in the phone as we come up to the fancy entrance.

I hang up the phone and u can't believe I'm doing this.

"Niall wait. Did you ever love me?"

He looks confused and I wave him off.

I climb out of the car and walk outward a Harry.

A/N: WWAT STARTS TOMORROW AND THEY ARE LIVE STREAMING IT. AHHHH. If you need more details about it the twitter account @wwaUpdates2014 have everything!! Enjoy this chapter!

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