Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


13. Chapter 13

Niall's POV:

I stay in the back row, quiet, trying to be unnoticed. I think Austin has seen me, but the question is; where is Kiera? I thought she would be here today, which gave me a chance to "try" being with her all over again. 

The game ends and Austin's team loses. I don't think that other player isn't that good. I don't know. Everyone peels out of this gym/beach place, leaving Austin, me and the other player. 

He finally leaves, and I walk over towards him. I have never really talked to him before, but I'm hoping this goes well. 

"Hey, um I'm Niall, do you know where Kiera is?" I ask shyly. 

"Oh yea um she's with some guy, I can't really remember his name."


"Is the guy's name like Louis or something similar?" He is the only person that I can think of right now since she definitely  won't hang out with Nate or someone like that. 

"Yea yea, that's him. Well nice meeting you, um goodbye." He says and walks away. 

Louis. Why though. He's gonna regret being with her. 


Kiera's POV:

"Here when we get to the place put these on." He says handing me a pair of sweat pants. They  won't fit me, leaving me to guess they are his. 

"Excuse me?" i ask looking them over again. 

"Oh the place we are going to, I'm not sure you want to where jeans, especially tight jeans." I look away and I don't know what to think of Louis looking at my jeans 'especially my tight jeans' since we have been friends for so long. 

I smile and we pull up to the back of a warehouse. What are we doing here? We both get out, and I follow him through the back doors and he shows me where the bathroom is to change. He goes to a front table I quickly change into his sweatpants and out my jeans. I walk out and he's sitting there with two helmets in front of him. He take's my jeans and puts them into a locker. 

"Follow me love." He takes my hand and we carry our own helmet. We walk through another door and I see it. This is hands down something Louis would do. This describes him. 

"So for our, I thought instead of doing something boring we could be ourselves." He smiles at me. 

"Paint-ball and go cart racing?" I say my thoughts.

"Exactly. What do you want to do first?" I look at the different events taking place in front of me and I've always wanted to try go car racing. 

"Lets do the racing?" 

He nods and puts his helmet on and I fail. 

"Here let me help you." He walks over and straps and buckles the helmet on my head and takes my hand as we get in line. We both get in a car and he looks at me one more time before the buzzer goes off. 

"Good luck trying to beat me." He snickers. The buzzer goes off showing that we can go, and he's slams the gas pedal and it jerks him before he speeds off. I do the same, but his sweatpants pooling around my feet don't help. I am trailing behind him, and he blocks me by going in the same direction that I go to get in front of him. 

Well about 10 laps later he wins only be a few seconds though. That took most of our time so we couldn't do the paint ball. 

"Sorry we couldn't do everything, but maybe next time." He says helping me get off my helmet. I nod and grab my jeans. 

"Let me go change."

"Oh no its fine, keep the sweats. I have plenty more to keep." I thank him and we return the borrowed helmets and I desperately try to fix my hair. 

We get into the car and drive to my house. Its silent, but I'm thankful. I'm exhausted. We pull into the dark driveway and his lights flash on, disposing a Niall sitting on the porch. 

I really hate boys sometimes. He rubs my hand and whispers, "Its fine." 

Ok maybe I don't hate all boys. We both get up and he walks me to the door but not past Niall. I silently thank him and he kisses my cheek, and tells me to go inside. I listen to him but I put my ear up to the door so I can hear there conversation. 

"Look I know what I did was wrong, but you knew I liked her and still do. So being how close we are- back off." He says sternly. 

"That's too bad, because the last time I remembered you and her together, you broke her heart." Louis snaps back. 

"It doesn't matter. Have you ever felt that you needed one person, only one to breathe, and they are your only reason to wake up and enjoy the next day. To love someone so much to want to give them everything you could think of. They become part of you." 

Louis stays silent and I hear his voice again. 

"Niall, you and her are no longer dating. You're done. So get over it. You probably will never gain her full trust or love ever again, and since you're not that person, she needs someone to give it to. And thats where I come in. I was her first friend. And you knew that I wanted her to wear my jersey. I love her and you knew that!" Louis raises his voice. 

It stays quiet and I wonder what happened. I open the door a little bit and see them both on the ground, fighting each other. I run over towards them in attempt to break this fight off. How could one person cause this much harm?

I grab Niall's shoulder, but I shouldn't have because I punched in the nose. I fall to the ground and hold my nose, as both of them stop fighting. They look over at me and get up trying to help me up. 

I never thought this would happen. Me getting hurt by one of them. 

I push away their hands and get up looking at them both. I wipe away the blood with my sleeve. 

"I am not a possession, and I can't believe you guys though of me that way. Just please go. Both of you."

I walk back to the door, and slam it shut. Leaving them out there. I walk over to the dining room is taken. I quickly walk past the people sitting, trying to not get any attention and once I get into the kitchen. I get a towel and soak it in cold water and apply it to my nose. It hurts and I have a head ache. 

I hear steps and I turn around to see Katy. 

"Here let me help you, sit down." I listen to her and take a seat on one of the bar stools. 

She doesn't ask what happens but helps me get cleaned. 

"Never break up with Zayn. He loves you, you too are perfect."  I tell her she blushes and washes her hands. 

"Thanks and um, your mom is home, having dinner with my parents and Zayn." She tells me. 

Oh joy. 

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