Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


12. Chapter 12


"Woah, well your all fancy for a volleyball game."  I say while getting my stuff ready. She freezes in her tracks and turns around on her heels. 

"Shit, thats today? Like tonight?" She says wide-eyed. 

I nod and she frowns. 

"God Austin, I'm so sorry, me and Louis are going out tonight." 

"Its okay, so you haven't decided who to choose?" 

"No, its really bothering me. Well, I'm meeting him there so win for me okay?" She says hugging me. 

"Ya, I guess. You better come to the next game."

She smiles and then walks away closing the front door, before I can get out. 

She leaves her car keys and a note saying that I can use her car for the trip. I talk them and get the directions to this place, hoping its not far because I'm already late. 


I finally get to the place and its inside except its built to look like a beach court. Sandy, and really hot. 

I see my new team mate and walk over to him. 

"Hey, I'm Austin."

"Hey man, I'm Connor, so um what happened to the other guy?"

"He broke his ankle while riding a motorcycle thing with his girlfriend."

He nods and takes off his shirt. Now, Connor has nice abs. Really nice ones. 

We start to warm up, but I see a familiar face sit down, blending into the crowd. 

Why is Niall here?


Louis' POV:

I knew I should have gone and picked her up. I'm just lucky enough to have my girlfriend cheat on me, and Kiera single. Well not the part that Melissa cheated on me with her old bar friend. 

I tap the table turning down servers asking for my drink. This is somewhat of a nice place. I wanted to make a good first impression on our first real date. 

I see her walk in and she looks amazing. Not to over dressed but fancy enough. 

I get up and hug her and it reminds me of the commercials for old single people going on a blind date. 

"Did you already order?" She asks sitting down and taking her jacket off. 

"No, I waited." I smile at her, she mouths the word 'thank you' as a waiter comes up and takes our orders. 

He soon disappears and its just me and here, finally. I can't remember the last time. Oh wait, on the roof, when I kissed her and she left me there. 

"I missed you." She blurts out. I didn't see that coming. 

"Its been different around school since everything happened." She says hoping that i get the hint. 

"It has. Kiera, look I can see your nervous. Don't be, its just like we are hanging out before, but just us. Don't worry I have something else planned for tonight."

She releases a huge sigh and I do to. We talk about everything we could think of, sometimes forgetting about our food waiting for us. We skip out on the dessert and I pay. 

Once we get outside its somewhat cold, the sun is setting, too baad we won't be here for this. I don't want our first real kiss to be like everyone else's; the sun setting. 

I take her hand in mine, and she tenses looking down. I drop my hand from hers, but it doesn't reach my side because she intertwines her fingers in mine. I look at her and she just looks off at the sunset, knowing my eyes are on her.

She truly is beautiful in every way and I hope I don't mess this up. 


Harry's POV:

"Oh come on! Eleanor no one is going to see us! Hurry up." I whisper yell at the bushes. I hear some loud rustling and then see a skinny and gorgeous girl come out from our hiding spot only wearing a bikini. 

She rushes over to my side and takes my hand. 

"Its alright, come on, on three okay?" 

She nods and I count down and once I reach one, we both sprint and once we hit the edge we jump into the heated water. She comes up laughing with me and I haven't seen this side of Eleanor enough. The rebel, cheeky and fun side. 

She swims over to me and my arms war around her waist, pulling her up a little from the water. Her arms wrap around my neck and she leans in, I do the same thing only to be pushed into the water. As I sink down I grab her leg, hearing her shriek under water and later see the long brown hair flash before my eyes. 

I get up to the surface of the chlorine water and I don't see her. I look everywhere. I get out of the pool and frantically look throughout the bushes only see one shoe. I look back down at the pool and dive back in hoping she's in there. 

My mind can't register whats going on as I dive deeper and deeper finally hitting the bottom. I look up, and see someone waiting up at the top. I barely make it with no air, only hope helpingg me to hold my breathe. And when I get to the top its security. 

"Hey! You can't be here!" He yells, pointing his cash light in my eyes. 

I jump out of the pool, and look for her again, finally realizing she's gone. In less then a minute; she's completely gone. I feel myself getting dizzy and the tears coming out of my eyes don't help.

"ELEANOR!" I yell as loud as possible, I don't care if I wake up anyone. My knees get weak and I fall to the ground, my head in my hands. 

My soon-to-be fiancé is missing. 

"She's gone. Eleanor." 

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