Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


1. Chapter 1

A/N: So same story. If you just found this story I recommend you read the first. 

Kiera's POV:


"What?" The mouths spill out of my dry mouth. 

"Kie-" he starts but I don't have the time anymore to talk to him. 

"Save it Niall, I ca-I can't do this." I say putting my hand in front of us, blocking him from stepping any closer. 

He actually looks sad, but no one can feel what I am right now. 

I walk down the beach carefully watching my feet not wanting to embarrass myself anymore. 

Thank god our cars are open because I don't want to walk to a gas station or something and call my mom up explaining what happened. 

I climb in the very back and lay down parallel not wanting to be seen. Even by my brother or best friend. 

I feel tears rolling side way on my cheeks from the angle of my body. I get up and look at the window and I see the blonde one sitting on the log we Louis and Melissa were hugging. 

His head in his hands and everyone around him. Are they giving him sympathy?

I fall on my back and wipe away the trail of tears that have stained my face and shirt. A jacket falls over my body causing me to jump. My hair gets all in my face and I wipe it away quickly after I feel the car move. 

"Louis?!" I recognize his hair from the back. He doesn't answer but drive faster, and I'm thinking that it might not be him. My tears might be covering my eyes with some blurriness. 

"I knew about it. Since the beginning." He says strictly braking the car making me jerk forward, flying into the middle row seats. 

"I knew. I was going to tell you but Niall told me not to. He saw something in you that every guy saw and this was his way of getting you."

"By treating me like I'm some property or something?!" I say climbing into the front seat. 

He shrugs his shoulders and starts the car again. 

"Go to sleep. I can tell you need it." He says joking. I hit his arm and he laughs, my head gently falling asleep leaning against the door of my car. 


"Kiera we're here. Home. Well your home." He says shaking me awake. 

"Thanks Lou. Well I'll see you soon." I say unbuckling. 

"Okay bye. Here I'll walk you up to your front door." He says unbuckling too. 

I get to my front door and open it. He sighs and walks back to his car or whoever's car it is. 

"Louis! Wait!" I scream. I sprint off the front porch and run into his arms, jumping on him like this is from a movie. I have no clue why I'm doing this from when I told Louis off. 

"Sorry about that. I don't know what got into me." I say back away. He pulls me back to him and clasps my cheeks in his palms. 

He places a soft, sweet kiss on my forehead. I look up to him and his blue and green eyes are too powerful they can burn.

I hug him and his arms snakes around my waist. The way Niall used to jug me. I can't stand this. I immediately pull away and push my hair around my eyes, hiding the incoming tears. 

"See ya." He says waving me off. I walk back to the door, and close it Jonah running into me. He has a football jersey on Ireland colors. Great. Just great. 

"So when is your boyfriend gonna take me to a game?" He says proudly with a big smile on his face. I kneel down, getting down to his height. 

"I'm not really sure Jonah." I say holding his arms in my hands, steadying myself. 

"He promised though." His tone getting sadder. 

"I know. I promise you he will." I say looking him in the eyes. 

"Really?" He says that toothy smile coming back. 

"Yes, know go to bed, its really late." 

"Thank you!" He says kissing my cheek and then running away. My hand grazes over my brothers niceness and I run up the stairs. I can't handle people anymore. 

I slam the door shut, locking it and falling on the floor. My head falls into my hands and I can't stop the tears this time. Sobs are coming from myself, and my phone rings. Austin. I ignore the call and throw my phone at the wall. It drops into pieces and I don't care. 

Sobs still erupting from my mouth I straighten myself out against my bed. 

There's a knock at my door. 

"Kiera. Open the door please. I want to talk to you." Zayn. I don't answer. I don't want him to hear my crying even though he knows I am. My head peers up to my mirror, seeing all the pictures of me and Niall. Niall was super photogenic. Every picture of us coming out perfect in my eyes. 

I have the strength to get up and walk away, tearing the pictures into little unrecoverable pieces like the state my phone was in. I look around my room at all the trash. I feel empty without him. We spent almost every second together. 

I aggressively scrummage through my closet looking for something to change into. I find yoga pants and a long sleeve shirt. I place them on my body and throw my shoes into the closet, finding his football jersey. I never gave it back, wanting to keep a piece of him with me. 

Not anymore. 

I fall onto my bed, tears still coming out of my eyes. How can someone love someone so much but go through something like this. Wait. 

Did he even love me?

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