Bad Boy Styles

Harry Styles is the towns bad boy-but when the little game between Adriana and him,will it change him?


3. We Met

Emily's POV 

'Hey, you know its way to cold and wet out there to be walking. Wanna ride?' I completely froze when I heard his voice. 'Uh um no I'm fine, I don't live anywhere near here' I say ' I've seen you walk home, I live a few houses down from you'  I completely froze   ' Oh' 'Come on, I won't hurt you, Promise' 'Uhm o-okay' 'alright then' I knew I should've brought my car...grr.  'So, how come you're new only for senior year?' 'Oh um I was in London but my parents died so I couldn't do anything with what I had so I wanted to start a whole new life.' 'I'm sorry for your loss' 'it's okay, but Harry?' I ask  'Yea Emily?' Should I ask him? ' How come people always say your the 'trouble' in our school?'  

'Well ever since my parents divorced I changed into a whole other person,you know?' 'I know, don't seem like what all the others say.' I choke out  'Well i'm glad someone notices it other than my friends!'  'Lol yea,But one last thing.'   'Yea?'   'Why did you save me the other night?'

' 100% honest?' He said  'yea' I answered he sighed ' I don't know, you seem different from other girls and I really seem to like you, so when I saw you almost being raped, I lost it and I beat him up.'  'Wait, You, Harry Styles , Like me?'   'Yea'  ' Harry, I like you too' we both started blushing. 'Emily will you go out with me?' I was shocked 'Well let me think,Before I answer, what's your favorite color?'

'Orange' 'Then...YESSSSS' Lol i sounded waaay to perky.

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