Bad Boy Styles

Harry Styles is the towns bad boy-but when the little game between Adriana and him,will it change him?


4. Stayed the night (prt.1)

Harry's POV

Emily, I know this may sound a little forward,but is it okay if i stay the night? I really don't want to go home.-I ask her quietly 'Sure! It's no problem and I have some clothes you can borrow.' i looked at her curious 'Since when do you have guy clothes?' ' I used to have a brother, when he was 19-20 years old, he was in the military and some idiot attacked him unexpectedly so he died.I still have his clothes and stuff from when he was here.' 'I'm sorry Em' 'It's okay



A/N-----Im soooo sorry my parents are bugging me about staying on the computer n stuuf well yeaa but i will post a part 2 of this chapter when I'm able to get back on and write...Im Sorry!!!!

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