Bad Boy Styles

Harry Styles is the towns bad boy-but when the little game between Adriana and him,will it change him?


2. He saved me

Emily's POV

The girls an I all got ready wearing the exact same thing except our shirts were different colors. So we went on our way to the party in my Orange Mustang (Yeas my fav colur is Orange) And drove off to the club. When we got there,as soon as we got outside the car, we immediately smelled alcohol and saw people kissing outside. Once we walked inside We all went to the bar and ordered our million shots until I saw Harry Styles. I just drank one or two shots but didnt get drunk,So i just walked around when I felt someone grab me. I was immediately scared when he slammed me onto the wall (obviously that person was drunk.).He was about to rape me when...someone punched him.Harry. 'NEVER TOUCH HER' He yelled. I was shocked when Harry beat the Crap out of that guy. I just stood there frozen, but before Harry was done-I  completely lost it and just ran out. I felt like a complete wimp but i was curious to know, why did Harry save me?

The next Day

Harry's POV

I don't know what happend last night at the party-I saw the new girl Emily and there was this guy trying to have sex with her and when I saw she was panicking i lost it. I don't know what got into me.Something is different about this girl,something is telling me that she's not like the other girls throwing themselves at me and just like me bcuz of my looks and my body.

I see her walk home all the time, because I live a few houses down from her. One week it was raining and her friends were sick so she had no ride so I asked her 'Hey,You know its way to cold and wet out there to be walking, do you want a ride?'

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