Louis' Sister

Meet badass, care-free, Lana Tomlinson.

Sound familiar?

That's because she just happens to be the sister of world famous Louis Tomlinson.

I think you have an idea of what's going to happen. ;)

Cover by: Lady Tatertot


7. Wrong direction

~Lanas POV~


 Right now I'm laying on my bed looking at the ceiling thinking about what just happened. I sigh. I know I have to go talk to Louis, but I'm scared. Not violet scared but that are relationship will be messed up. I swing my legs over the bed and make my way over to Louis room. I slowly open up the door because I know knocking want faze him. "Louis?" I ask the shaking body curled up in the bed.

 "Louis talk to me." I say calmly. "I-I messed messed up r-real b-b-bad Lana." He slowly turns to face me. "I was s-so stupid. I punched my best mate! Over something silly! I-I'm sorry Lana." He tells me." You shouldn't be apologising to me Louis." I tell him. " Your right... I'm gonna go talk to Harry."he says. He leaves the room and heads towards Harry's room.

 I start to hear yelling coming from Harry's room. I sprint across the hall and l barge into Harry's room. I see Louis pinning Harry against a wall. "Louis this is not talking!!!! You asked for it! We're doing this my way now!" I yell at them.

 I have each sit in a chair an either sides of the room. " Now, Harry, tell me, why did Louis have any reason to throw a punch at you?" I ask him. " because is said that I liked you and I was going to you know date you no matter what he says." He states. 

 I blush at his comment but quickly turn to face Louis before he can see. " now, Louis, why was there any reason to punch your best mate?" I ask him. " I really don't know, I quests I was being a little too over protective of you and when he kissed you, I, I got out of control. I-I'm sorry Harry," Louis tells his best mate.

 "It's ok bro I shouldn't of kissed her in front of you like that I mean, I really wanted you to let me date her but I should have just talked to you. Your my best mate, I hope you understand that I want to be your best mate but I also want to date your sister. I hope you can accept that." Harry explains to Louis.

 "Yeah, Harry, I can't lose you or my sister so, so ill just have to accept it. I hope you two are happy together and don't brake each others hearts ok." Louis laughs a bit. " trust me I won't." Harry says and they hug each other. Looks like my work hear is done.



 in so sorry for the late update! I love you my crazy mofos!


           ~XX 1DFigment

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