Louis' Sister

Meet badass, care-free, Lana Tomlinson.

Sound familiar?

That's because she just happens to be the sister of world famous Louis Tomlinson.

I think you have an idea of what's going to happen. ;)

Cover by: Lady Tatertot


4. P.R.A.N.K! Part 2..... ;)

~ Louis' P.O.V. ~

  "HELP!" We here hear Harry scream from somewhere in the house. It's Zayn and Niall's turn to get scared now. "ok, maybe I was wrong...." Zayn says.

  We slowly tiptoe out the door and into the hallway. We all huddle into a group looking around for any sign of Harry and Liam. "Help!" This time we hear Liam scream. its coming from the kitchen. We rush in there to see harry and Liam tied up chairs passed out.

  We start to untie them but are interrupted by banging in their room. We walk in carefully and see no one. weird. I turn around expecting to see Niall. But only Zayn was there checking under the bed. "Zayn, where's Niall?!" I ask him. "Right, ....oh no." He realizes Niall isn't there anymore. We continue to check the room.

  "There's no one in here let's......Zayn?" Great, now Zayn's gone! I can't do a one man band! Or can I......"Louis!" I here Lana scream. Not my sister too! I rush into her room and end up tripping on some invisible wire. A trap, really Louis!

  I try to get but before I can some invisible being that I can't see drags me into the closet leaving the door open. "Help! No, I'm too young to die!" The criminal dude just laughs. Or dudett. Wait, I know that laugh. "Lana?" She turns on the light and is still laughing her butt off.

 "what?" I ask very confused. The guys roll out from under the bed also laughing. "Uhhh?" I'm still very confused here. "Wait a minute, this was all a PRANK?!!" I fume at her. "Your. Face." Is all she can manage.

 "Not cool guys, soooo not cool!"  You wanna play? Let's play.


Hey its 1D Figment again... :) I actually did this prank to my brother! it was soooo funny! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I love you  my crazy mofos!!!


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