Louis' Sister

Meet badass, care-free, Lana Tomlinson.

Sound familiar?

That's because she just happens to be the sister of world famous Louis Tomlinson.

I think you have an idea of what's going to happen. ;)

Cover by: Lady Tatertot


5. Chat With Hailey

~Lanas P.O.V~


 Last night was soooo funny! I have to tell Hailey! Speaking if Hailey I haven't talked to her in a while. I should probably call her so she doesnt think im dead. As I wait for her to pick up I go to the kitchen to eat some carrots.


L- Hey, What's up? 

H- Nothing much, you?

L- Ohh... Nothing.. I just met...

I think carefully about what to say. If I tell her, we can fangirl together; But if I don't, she'll end up finding out and be pissed at me to tell her that her favorite band is at my house.

H- Who?

L- Oh, nevermind. No big deal.

But it was somewhat a big deal. 

H- Well, I gotta go Chica.

L-  Alright, Bye. 

I toss my phone on the counter as I munch on my carrot sticks. There is a 90% chance my friendship with my BFFL is in danger.


~Louis' POV~


I know Lana is hiding meeting the guys from Hailey. I may have eavesdropped on her phone conversation, and I may have not......But I know why. Lana wants Hailey to understand, she doesn't want her to get hurt. Well then, Hailey just might have to find out the hard way. But.. I just can't do that to Lana, I know how much Hailey means to her.
 But she cant keep this secret forever. Now I just have to deal with Harry. His crush on Lana is obvious. Its time to go all big brother on him.



Hey guys its Justice, a co author from this book. Sorry its a short chapter but I promise we will try to update more!! Baii Mai Cupcakes!


Hey guys its 1D Figment, the main author of this book. Thank you for actually reading this book even though its not the best. I love you my crazy mofos!

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