Meant to be

Julie Sicily wanted to become famous, a lot! On her way to accomplish her dream she meets someone very special. They fall for each other step by step. The boys need to help Louis try to get Julie to fall in live with him, read what happens.


7. concert/nandos

Julie POV

      The concert started and ended quickly i was sad it ended so fast. then i aid to Lexie and Allie, "i guess its time to leave now." but then i felt someone grab my hand behind me and turn me around and say, "i don't think so i think us boys have to take you girls out to eat." it was Louis! i blushed a little and then Niall said, "yup we do, so we're going to nandos!" we started to laugh and they drove us there. Lexie and Niall were talking in the car the whole time. they would look cute together. but so would me and Louis but i doubt he would ever like me. Zayn is driving and me and Louis are talking with Liam while Allie, Harry, Lexie, and Niall are talking. this is a dream come true. we finally got there and ate. wow Niall really loves food! haha but Niall and Lexie are still talking a lot and laughing. then the paparazzi showed up and Louis grabbed my hand, Niall picked up Lexie! and Harry grabbed Allies hand and we ran out of there. thank god we paid when we got there. then we got into the car and Louis tells Niall, "show off." then Niall asks, "what?" as he puts Lexie down. then Louis says, "i thought you were suppose to be a gentleman." then Niall says back, "yeah but usually if there is a paparazzi there are fans, lots of girls and they could hurt Lexie and get the wrong idea of Allie, Lexie, And Julie." Louis nods his head and i heard him whisper, "i should've picked up Julie, i don't know how to win girls at all." i couldn't hear the last part he said but oh well.

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