Meant to be

Julie Sicily wanted to become famous, a lot! On her way to accomplish her dream she meets someone very special. They fall for each other step by step. The boys need to help Louis try to get Julie to fall in live with him, read what happens.


6. backstage

Julie POV

       The next day i had to leave Allison's house and sneak into my bedroom window. i did so and i didn't get caught. i looked up what time the concert was. it was today at six! the boys said they can get us in free if we wait by the front gate! I'm so excited! i picked a really pretty sparkly blue dress and put my hair up in a bun. hours later i met up with Lexie and Allie. Allie was wearing a pink dress that very flowy. and Lexie was wearing a black dress that's very shiny and her hair brown long wavy hair let down. wow she is really excited to meet Niall. we all walked to the concert. we waited by the gate and then somebody grabbed lexie's hand and we turned around. it was Niall! Niall kissed Lexis's hand and she freaked out but Louis did the same to me and Harry did to Allie to. they lead us into the concert and into the backstage. Allie was freaking out, so was I though. Louis asked me a couple questions like my last name and my family. i got to know him a lot to, this is a dream come true!

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