Why Me?

He broke in to my house. I don't know why he choose this house. That's where it all started, with Him. No other than the famous Harry Styles.


3. Scared

Frightened I look around the room for something to protect myself with. I grab a bat from the corner of my room from when I played softball. grabbing a bat seemed it would do the job considering it worked in all those cliche scary movies and I didn't have anything else. Slowly i opened the door of my room and eased my way down the stairs. At the last stair i have to stop and breathe in and remind myself that I'm a big girl now and I can do this. I walk into the kitchen and see that the window above the sink is broken in. Now I'm really scared. I start looking around to find someone and see no one. I walk to the living room and see that the front door is open and i begin to clam down. I set the bat down by the door and walk my way to the kitchen to clean up the glass carefully so I don't cut myself. After I'm done cleaning up the glass I call Claire. "Hey,Claire someone just broke into the house!" "Oh my gosh! Are you okay Taylor? Are they still there?" "Yeah I'm Okay Just letting you know because the windows broken but their gone now" "Do you want me to come home?" "No, it's okay! Stay out have some fun and I'll see you later" "Okay, bye." "Bye! Be careful" After I hang up I walk back to my room and plop on my bed forgetting my book is under me and i am reminded with a sting from the corner digging in my skin. Boy, what a night...

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