Why Me?

He broke in to my house. I don't know why he choose this house. That's where it all started, with Him. No other than the famous Harry Styles.


5. Getting ready

After a short little nap and finally calming down i decided i should start getting dressed. I had decided i actually wanted to look some what cute considering Harry was hella fine! i walked to the bathroom and stripped myself of my clothes and tied my hair up in a bun. Once i got in the shower i quickly bathed and shaved my legs. I wrapped myself in a towel and walked to my room. When i got there i put on the first pair a of shorts and tee shirt i saw and ran down stairs. I fixed me some cereal because i didn't know if we were gonna eat or not and i didn't want to be starving at his house. after eating i washed my bowl and put it away then made my way to my room. Time for make up! I absolutely love make up!! I took my time putting on my make up so it would look good. For the eye shadow i decided i wanted it to be simple but cute soo i put a matte brown in my crease and a matte white/yellowish color for eye lid and brow bone highlight with a little wing for eye liner. I heavily applied mascara and then put on a lil blush and bronzer. I took a step back and was actually happy with my make up so i decided to move on to hair. For hair i decided i would go really simple so i twisted my bangs back and secured them with a bobby pin then braided it in a cute but kinda messy fish tail braid. I thought i actually looked kinda cute today. I put away all the makeup that i had used in the bathroom then i went to my room I checked the time on my phone . Ah i might as well kill a few minutes of time on instagram. i strolled through my feed and did a lil bit of stalking on my favorite youtubers and then checked the time again, might as well start getting dressed. I put on my clothes,deodorant, perfume and some lotion that matched my perfume. i looked in my full body length mirror and felt a bit bland then i remembered that i needed earrings and some bracelets. I dug around in the earring part of my jewelry box until found  my pearl studs that have a ring of fake diamonds around the pearl. OH! and how could i forget bracelets? I always wear bracelets to cover the scars. I put on the leather braided bracelet that had my name engraved in it and some other cute bracelets adding a pop of color to my outfit. l slipped on my flip flops and grabbed my keys and got in my car. I texted Harry saying i was just drive over there instead. I started the car and left...... 





**************Author's Note***************

I NEED a girlfriend for louis!!!! someone please?! & also if yall have anything that  yall think would make the story better feel free to tell me! :)

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