Liam's Sister

Rosie is Liam payne's sister. When Liam comes back from tour, Rosie sees 4 handsome boys standing right next to him. When Harry plays 5 questions with Rosie, her favorites are zayn and Harry. Zayn and Harry both like her. Who will Rosie fall for? Find out on this movella, Liam's Sister


3. truth or dare

Rosie's POV

We are finally at the park. I said, "so what do you guys wanna do?"

"How about truth or dare," Louis suggested. "Sure." We all went to the grass and sat in a circle.

Louis said, "truth or dare zayn?" "Truth." "Do you like Ro?" My eyes widened. Zayn said, "ummm.... Yeah I do." I started blushing. I looked over at an angry Liam. I Ignored him.

"Truth or Dare Haz," Zayn asked. "Dare!" "Well I dare you to go to a fan over there and kiss them for 5 seconds." I giggled. Harry sighed and got up. He ran to a fan. Harry quickly kissed her . 1..2..3..4..5..

Harry pulled apart and came back like nothing happened. I saw the girl and she fainted. I started laughing.

Harry said, "what's so funny?" I said, "nothing...." "Truth or dare Niall," Harry told Niall. "Uh let's go with dare!" "I dare you to kiss Rosie on the cheek right now."

My eyes widened again. I saw Zayn's face drop. "STOP IT! NO ONE FALL FOR MY SISTER! ROSIE DON'T FALL FOR THEM! I DONT WANT YOU GETTING HURT BY THEM OKAY?!?" Liam said quickly.

I screamed, "Liam?!? I can love who I want!" "You can't love them! I don't want you getting hurt!" "Liam!"

"What Rosie what!?" "When did you act like mum and dad?" I started crying. Liam's face soften. I quickly got up and ran as fast as I can.

I don't care if I leave my car. All I want to do is be alone. I heard someone running after me. I started running faster.

Then I heard, "ROSIE MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" It was zayn who was chasing me. I looked back and see a car coming towards me.

I got pushed away. I feel a body on me. Zayn. He saved my life. He got up and helped me up. "Are you okay!?"

I smiled and said, "you saved my life. Thank you." I kissed his cheek. He blushed and hugged me. His arms were around my waist and I hugged him by my arms around his neck.

We stayed like this for a while until we heard, "ZAYN GET OFF MY SISTER!"

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