Liam's Sister

Rosie is Liam payne's sister. When Liam comes back from tour, Rosie sees 4 handsome boys standing right next to him. When Harry plays 5 questions with Rosie, her favorites are zayn and Harry. Zayn and Harry both like her. Who will Rosie fall for? Find out on this movella, Liam's Sister


15. Liam

Rosie's POV

I went into my room. Wow. Was I that mad? I started cleaning up. I picked up the pictures that I tore. Mum and Dad.

Ik they left me but they are still my parents. I took the tape from my nightstand and taped it back together.

I put my posters to back where they were suppose to be. I'm getting really bored. I grabbed my phone and played You and I.

I started humming to it. I picked up the glass carefully not to get it in my hands.

"Be careful," I heard someone say.

I jumped and dropped the glass on the floor. Oh crap one of the glass got inside my hands.

"Oh shit. Oww," I whimpered.

"You okay Rosie?"

That voice.... Sounds familiar... Liam?

I paused the music on my phone.

"Liam is that you?"

I turned around to see my brother. I smiled a little at him and he smiled back. I started tearing up.

Liam said, "Come here."

He opened his arms and I ran to him and hugged him. He hugged back. I started crying.

"Shhh.... Rosie.... It's okay. I'm here."

"But, Liam. I just don't know what to do since everybody is mad at me. Including you."

"Well just ignore them Rosie or just talk to them. And I'm not mad at you. Just upset that's all."

I thought about it, "Why are you upset?"

Liam sighed and stares blankly at me.

"Just upset."

"Cuz why Li?"


"Cuz why?"

"I'm just upset that you kissed zayn and I'm also upset cuz I didn't get to spend time with you cuz you were too busy with the lads."

I looked at his eyes. Half of him is hurt and half of him is upset.

"Liam, first of all, I kissed zayn cuz I really liked him. Zayn is just different from the others. Also, why didn't you just ask me if you wanted to hang out with me?"

"Well, if you like zayn that much, just wait for a while to get to know him more. And talk to the others. Second, I didn't ask you cuz it seems like your already having fun without me."

"Why do you feel that way?"

"Rosie, every time I see you, your always with one of the boys. I just really missed you and I want to hang out with you."

"Awww Liam, I'm so sorry. And you know what, we can do something right now!"

Liam's face brightened up.

He smiled, "I can finally spend time with my buzz light year!"

I giggled. Liam said, "go get ready but umm first?"

"What?" I asked being clueless.

"We gotta take that glass off," he replied pointing to my hand.

I looked down, "Oh god."

"Don't worry Rosie. I'll get that glass out just umm, do you have any tweezers?"

"Liam, I use that for my eyebrows you idiot."

"No, just let me use it so I can take the glass off."

I groaned, "It's in my bathroom."

He nodded and started searching for it. I checked my phone. I tapped on the Twitter app and found out I gained 7,000 twitter followers. Wow. Lots and lots of directioners.

I tweeted, "Glad to have my brother back and also met some crazy mofos (;"

I heard Liam chuckle from the bathroom.

"Liam did you even find the tweezers?"

"Yep," Liam said popping the 'p'

Hope I survive this!

Liam grabbed my hand.

"Rosie, just breathe in and out. When you breathe out, I'll take out the glass. Kay?"

"I guess..."

I breathed in. Then I breathed out.

Liam quickly pulled it out

Ouch ouch ouch ouch that burns like hell!

"Holy fuck that hurts!"

"it's okay your all good now," he said while putting a band aid.

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