Liam's Sister

Rosie is Liam payne's sister. When Liam comes back from tour, Rosie sees 4 handsome boys standing right next to him. When Harry plays 5 questions with Rosie, her favorites are zayn and Harry. Zayn and Harry both like her. Who will Rosie fall for? Find out on this movella, Liam's Sister


4. I don't like Sophia!

Rosie's POV

I quickly let go of zayn. Liam started running towards him. I got in front of zayn. Liam got tense and he said, "Ro, move out of the way." "No, Liam you don't even know why I hugged zayn."

"Cuz your guys are dating huh?!?" "no Liam! He saved my life! I almost got hit by a car and he saved me! Why are you so mad you don't like zayn?! Well let me tell you this, I hate Sophia!" Liam said, "zayn go back with the boys, im gonna have a talk with Rosie."

"Thanks zayn," I whispered in his ear. He nodded and I kissed his cheek and he left. Liam started, "why do you hate Sophia?" "Liam, you don't remember huh," I said softly. "What are you talking about?"

"Remember, she told me to stay away from you and her. You got mad and you broke up with her. She lied to you that I forgave her but I didn't. You gave her a chance and when you left to go on tour, she always say that if I don't leave you guys alone, other stuff will happen. Like she will abuse me. That's why I will never like Sophia in a million years."

I can't tell how Liam's expression looks like. Liam said, "you can't tell me who to love." I said, "well you can't tell me who to love!" "Rosie, I know one of them would hurt you!" "Well Liam, Sophia is gonna hurt you sooner or later!"

Liam sighed, "I don't know if that will happen.. Let's just go back." I nodded my head and we walked back to the park. We have arrived and see 4 boys laying on the grass. Liam joins them and I walked further to find a tree.

I sat down close to the tree and brought my legs to my chest. I put my head down. I heard footsteps. It's Louis. I can smell his cologne. "Hey love." I looked up and saw Louis sitting next to me. "Hey Loubear."

"You okay? I heard what happened." I shook my head no. Lou pulled me into a hug. I hugged back. Lou said, "if you need a friend I'm always here Ro Ro." "Thanks Lou Lou." "Let's get back to the lads." I nodded and he helped me up.

Louis took my hand. CLICK! Oh damn, paparazzi. Louis and I ran back to the boys. Liam said, "your dating Louis?" "No we heard paparazzi an he helped me get out of it," I said sounding a little bit annoyed by Liam.

I let go of Lou's hand and sat next to Harry. I rested my head on Harry's shoulder and I went out like a light.

Harry's POV

I know Liam's gonna kill me, but I'm starting to develop feelings for Rosie.

Zayn's POV

When Lou held Rosie's hand, I started to get jealous. I must really love Rosie.

Niall's POV

Rosie is like a princess to me. I want her to be mine. I want her to be in my arms while I sing to her. I'm gonna try to ask her out on a date.

Author's Note;

Hey guys! Now you have known why Rosie doesn't like Sophia. I don't hate Sophia in real life tho! I just wanted to make a little drama into the story haha! So harry starts to have feelings for Rosie! Comment below who you are with. Team Zayn, Team Harry, or Team Niall. Will be updating again later! Love ya potatoes ~Casey <3

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