Liam's Sister

Rosie is Liam payne's sister. When Liam comes back from tour, Rosie sees 4 handsome boys standing right next to him. When Harry plays 5 questions with Rosie, her favorites are zayn and Harry. Zayn and Harry both like her. Who will Rosie fall for? Find out on this movella, Liam's Sister


11. Hearts Shattered

Rosie's POV

I smiled at Zayn and he hugged me. He let's go of the hug and when I open the door, all of the boys fell down.

I said, "WERE YOU GUYS EAVESDROPPING?!" They all nodded slowly. Liam replies, "Well excuse me, I thought you told me you weren't gonna date any of them! And you told me that you will never love them!" The rest of the boys look hurt.

"Is that true," I hear an Irish voice. I looked at Niall. He looks..... Hurt. I said,"it's not.... Well... I just...." "So when I kissed you, it was all a joke," Zayn responded quietly. "It wasn't... I just..."

"And you just played with our hearts," Harry sighed. "No..... I... Didn't." Louis said, "I can't believe I started to love you Rosie. I thought you were someone I could trust but not anymore."

Liam said, "This is part of the reason why I don't want you falling for them Rosie." "Are you just playing with our hearts and just being a player," Niall questioned.

"I'm not a player." "Rosie, I shouldn't have kissed you. I bet the kiss means nothing to you," zayn said. "I shouldn't have fallen for you," Harry said calmly. "Same," Lou, Ni, and Zayn agreed. My heart just ripped into pieces....

"See Rosie, this is why I never bring the boys with me at home," Liam explained. "So Rosie, stop being a little shit." I looked up to see Liam's face. My heart is literally dead.

Stop being a little shit, no no no no. I'm thinking about mum and dad. I bit my lip trying so hard not to cry. I felt a little drop on my cheek. No I'm not gonna cry.

"Bye Rosie," they all said. Niall looked at me for a second. Niall said, "I'm really hurt now, cuz of you." My heart shattered even more. "N-n-n-Niall I-I-I-m s-s-so sorry."

I saw Niall tearing up. He gave me a weak smile and left my room. When he closed the door, I burst into tears.

I need to get out of here. I grabbed my luggage and packed my clothes, some lady stuff you know what I mean, my charger, phone, make up, hair stuff, etc. I look out my window.

I have to jump. I did what I have to do. I am so glad I didn't break my legs. I tried walking but I couldn't.

I can't just leave me only family. I can't just leave Liam. He's the only family I got. I sighed.

I can't get back up in my room. I'll just ring the doorbell since I left my keys also in my room. Nice job Rosie (note sarcasm) I rang the doorbell.

I looked at the floor, disappointed at myself. The door opened.

I looked up to see Niall. O m g. His eyes were red and puffy. "Why do you have a luggage with-with-with y-y-o-u," Niall asked stuttering. "Tried escaping but couldn't leave you guys."

He just opens the door wide for me to walk in. When I walked in, all the boys stared at me. I started crying but I ran upstairs and locked my room.

I'm never leaving this room.

Authors note;

Anyone cried? I kinda did. Anyone liked the "Hearts Shattered" chapter? Well, sorry for not updating for a little while! I just got in a relationship with an amazing guy on Friday. But don't worry, I will still continue the story! Love ya crazy mofos! -Casey <3

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