Keeping Dauntless Company

June was named for the intensity and heat she brings, Jaws was named for how he constantly spoke no matter the time, and Mercy was named after her compassion. The three were best friends, until the factions shattered under their feet. With nowhere to go, they ran to the Fringe to find a home. That is, until the secrets, the fear, and the rest of the world started to get to them. How long does it take, before the former dauntless teenagers collapse under the weight of the real world?


3. Jaws

One would think I'd get used to seeing death. That it wouldn't have affected me anymore. Whoever would think that, would be wrong. Every time a new death worked its way into my twisted life's story, a small part of me would get crushed under the weight. The weight of a life that no longer was. The knowledge that a day, or a week, or a month earlier that person would have been found actually living.

The lady that had been stabbed was just another one of those dead people that found their way into my story. I had been dauntless in a past life, her dead body shouldn't have shaken me up as bad as it had.

June had hustled me out of her tent after quickly grabbing supplies. She was the real brave one, the true dauntless. She always acted as if nothing scared her, like she was indifferent. June had always been my role model, even when we were younger.

June was three years older than me, and was a natural born dauntless. I had been born as a Candor. In school, I was always picked on, and pushed around because of my small size. That is, until the day June walked into my life.

She was walking down the hall, eyes blazing with a fire that seemed to always burn deep within her. I was lying on the ground, curled into a compact ball, awaiting another hit from the dauntless child that tortured me everyday of my miserable life.

Then, out of nowhere, a girl with fierce brown hair and eyes came to my rescue. She just calmly stepped between me and the other dauntless boy, and stood there. The look she gave the other boy was so intense, but calm at the same time. Soon after, the boy just ran off to his friends. Without looking back.

June helped me to my feet, and I brushed myself off. I remember standing there for a few seconds in stunned silence, before I asked her, "Why didn't you beat him up?" Of course I also couldn't sum up a reason why she would either. However, that's the kind of question a ten year old would ask a dauntless.

"Because," June stated, "Dauntless are brave, not violent, not always." She smiled slightly. "To be brave sometimes mean to just intervene, to make a difference. Not knock out the other guys teeth. That's not what I stand for."

June was the reason I joined dauntless. She gave me something to believe in: bravery. That was something I thought I'd never achieve.

I watched June, running quickly ahead of me as we raced back to our tent. In my world, nothing would ever change that image of her that I had since the first day I met her. The girl with the fierce stare.

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