The Meeting

Meeting the boys will change Gracie's life forever. Will it be for good or bad? Will her heart break or will she live happily ever after? Read to find out.


9. The Rodeo

Gracie's pov

I was SO excited to be at the rodeo. I was having such a good time with the boys. We went over to the Rollercoaster and I glanced over at Harry. I could tell he was scared.

"Harry you can ride with me!" I sai giggling.

He nodded his head quickly and jumped into the cart with me. He was shaking so I grabbed his hand. He looked at me for a minute and then the jerk of the ride caused him to look ahead. I didn't understand him, he was... different. He screamed the whole way through and I laughed. All the boys (except for Harry) had their hands up.

When the ride ended Harry yelled, "That was awesome!"

All of the boys looked at him then me and then Louis said," wow gracie! We can't get Harry to have fun on rollercoasters much less get on one!" He wiggled his eyebrows and everyone laughed.

Harry's pov

When gracie offered to ride with me I was so excited. I had no idea what I was feeling but it felt good. As if riding next to her wasn't enough she held my hand. That made my stomach go crazy with butterflies. I got rid of my Rollercoaster fear because of her.

We had another surpise for her but first we were gonna ride the Ferris wheel.

Gracie's pov

As we got closer to the Ferris wheel I got more and more nervous. I HATED Ferris wheels with a passion. After getting stuck on a broken one a pleasure pier I had never gotten on one again.

We got in the cart. All five of us. I was sitting next to zayn and the other three boys were acros from us. As we went up the boys were laughing. Harry stopped and looked over at me. I had a death grip on the pole in the middle and I must have looked absolutely horrified because Harry asked if I was okay. I nodded no as quickly as possible. Harry switched with zayn and hugged me tightly.

He made me feel so safe and by the time the ride was over I was calm. I hugged Harry and said thank you. He told me it was no problem.

Liam's pov

Harry was being weird around gracie. He was being super protective and looked at her like he was in a spell. All the boys had noticed. My thoughts were inturrupted by niall shouting, " Gracie, we're going to see HUNTER HAYES!!" He mouth dropped and she started dancing around. We headed into the arena.

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