The Meeting

Meeting the boys will change Gracie's life forever. Will it be for good or bad? Will her heart break or will she live happily ever after? Read to find out.



I woke up the next morning and went downstairs. I was so confused as to what my surprise would be. "Morning gracie, want some pancakes?" My mom asked. "Sure!" I replied happily grabbing two and sitting at the table. "So, I heard Harry has a surprise for you," my mom said sitting down across from me. "Oh really?" I asked looking at her suspiciously. "Yes! I think you'll love it!!!" She exclaimed. "You know what it is!?" I asked. She nodded her head and giggled. Great, I thought, my mom knows more than me.

When it was twelve I went upstairs to get dressed. I put on my black Aztec romper with my black sandals. I stuck in black diamond earrings and headed to the bathroom. I curled my hair and poofed the front of it. I applied my foundation and then some black eyeliner and mascara. I just put a clear gloss on my lips to make them shine and I grabbed my sunglasses.

When I heard the doorbell I got excited. I jumped up and yelled bye to my mom. I grabbed my phone and my wallet and opened the door. "Good morning love! You look beautiful today." Harry smirked. "Thanks babe!" I said giving him a quick kiss. "Soooo where are we going?" I said as we walked to the car. "It's a surprise!" He said as we got in. I gave up and turned the music up. We jammed out and then we turned onto a street.

"Here we are!" Harry said smiling. I furrowed my eyebrows and got out of the car. We were at a house not to far from mine. He unlocked the door to reveal a fully furnished house, 4 other boys and my two best friends. "SURPRISE!" Everyone shouted. "What's going on?" I asked. "Well, this is your new house!" Louis said. "OUR new house!" Katie and Emma said. My jaw dropped. MY house! This was crazy. "OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!" I yelled hugging everyone. "It's the least we could do!" Zayn said engulfing me into a hug. "Wow I get an amazing house AND I get to share it with my two best friends!" I said. "Go explore!" Harry said smirking. I kissed him and ran upstairs.

All the bedrooms were empty. The boys said they wanted us to decorate them however we wanted. I claimed a large room with a walk in closet and it's own bathroom. I started imagining it with all my stuff. I was sad I was leaving my mom but at least she was around the corner. Harry came in and I ran to him hugging him tightly. "We have one more surprise." He said. He sounded kind of upset but I didn't think much of it and walked downstairs with him.

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