The Meeting

Meeting the boys will change Gracie's life forever. Will it be for good or bad? Will her heart break or will she live happily ever after? Read to find out.


13. Birthday Prep

*1 week later*

March 29: It's been a week since the boys left and I miss them sooo much. My birthday is tmorrow and I can't wait. I wish I could celebrate with all my friends but the boys and hunter are gone. Everytime I go to school I get asked about how. I know them and if I'm dating any of them. I've been surrounded and trampled by papperazi twice and I can't sit and eat out in peace. The boys are trying to stop it.

The hate I'm getting is out of control. Just one day with one direction and there's millions of hate pages and rude comments. I haven't told the boys but they haven't said anything so I'll deal with it.

My mom calling me inturrupted my writing. Yes I kept a journal. It's not weird it helps me remember things. I ran downstairs to see what my mom wanted. She said, " Get dressed Maddie and carter are at their friends. We're going to have a girls day since your birthday is tomorrow." My mom took me to the mall and we went shopping. My party was casual, just family and close friends.

I picked out a new outfit for the party. It was hot so I chose a pair of neon pink shorts and a cute tanktop that was gray and said wish upon a star in white letters. We headed out and my mom said, "As an early birthday present I want to get you a pair of vans." I gasped and started skipping to the vans store. They were my favorite shoes. I picked out a pair that were a neon pink and we paid.

We went to lunch and saw a huge crowd of people. My mom and I aren't big crowd people so we kept walking. We ate lunch and went to go see a movie. We then went home and picked my siblings up. I watched some tv, ate dinner and went to sleep excited for tomorrow even if the boys were halfway around the world.

When I woke up the next morning I smelled pancakes and bacon. I jumped up and ran down stairs. I was 18. I grabbed my phone and say at the table eating and replying to birthday messages. All the boys had left me messages and Zayn sent me a video. I clicked play and saw the boys. They sang happy birthday and apologized for not being here. I replied to each one and set my phone down. I opened presents and then looked at the time. It was 11 right now so I had 3 hours till it started. I watched tv, paired my nails and then started getting ready.

I turned on my music that was, of course, one direction, 5sos, Hunter Hayes and some other artists I had on my phone. I jammed out in my new outfit and vans as I curled my hair. I put on some light pink and shimmery eye shadow and winged black eyeliner. I put on mascara and for a finishing touch neon lipstick. I put on my dangly earrings that were silver and also my James Avery ring. I was ready.

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