The Meeting

Meeting the boys will change Gracie's life forever. Will it be for good or bad? Will her heart break or will she live happily ever after? Read to find out.


26. Alone

Gracie's pov

I read all the notes starting with nialls.


I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. You've become like a sister to me and we're food buddies for life! You're a great "sister" and I love you sooo much!(not like Harry loves you though!) Tell your friends hi for me and give Katie my number. I fancy her but that's between you and me! I'll miss you while we're on your but I'll text you every day! I love wooooo!!!!


I finished after laughing a few times. Niall was so sweet and I loved him as a brother. I smiled and set it on my desk and grabbed Zayn's note.


I know we haven't gotten to talk much but I really like you so far! When we get back we need to hang out and even though we aren't as close as the others I'll text you every day! You're a beautiful girl inside and out and I would be honored to call you my "sister!" Even if I don't show it I love you sooo much (in a brotherly way) and I hope you do great in school and at your new job! I'll see you when I get back!


I finished Zayn's and had a couple happy tears. I didn't think he liked me that much and his letter erasures me. I did love him and I couldn't wait to hang out with him more. I smiled and set his letter down on my desk. I picked up Louis' and started reading.


I already miss youuuu!!!! You have become one of the greatest friends I have ever had! You've become a sister to me and I love you! I'm gonna miss your laugh and your smile. Thanks for making Harry happy and also for making us boys happy. I love you and I'll text you every day! See ya later!

Louis ;)

I smiled after reading Louis' note. Of course he used his nickname for me. He had truly become a brother to me. I told him just about everything, I even told him I liked Harry a while back. He understood me and I loved him for that. I smiled and set his letter on top of the others and picked up the note from Liam.


I know we've had our bumps in the road but that doesn't change the fact that you're my "sister" and I love you very much. I don't want to leave you and I wanted to say goodbye in person but Harry rushed us out. You make everyone laugh and brought light back into our dull celebrity routine. Thank you for everything. I love you and I'll see you soon!


Liam's letter made me cry. I remembered the time I told him about Harry and I. We had made it through though and we were super close. I still didn't fully trust him but I knew he would be there for me through everything. I set his letter down and eyed Harry's letter. There was a small box attached. I gently removed the letter from the cardboard cutout and opened it.


I want to start off by saying sorry. I'm sorry I left without a hug or a kiss or even saying goodbye. I didn't eat to leave this was but I felt like it would be less painful. I didn't want you to cry or stand at the gate of my plane breaking down. It breaks me to leave. I love you. I love everything about you from your voice to your cute smile. I love hanging out with you even if we're throwing grapes and acting like children. Gracie you are the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me. I love you an I promise that even though I'm gone I've never really left. Anytime you need me or want to talk I'm here. I got you a gift. I wish I could give it to you personally but I can't. I hope you like it. The boys contributed ideas. I love you and I miss you already. Goodbye for now.

Harry xo

I was crying by the end of his letter. "I love you to " I whispered. Even if he couldn't hear me I needed to say it. I grabbed the box with my trembling hands and opened it. I pulled out a gorgeous silver charm bracelet.

On it were eight charms. A pizza slice most likely picked by Niall, a winky face from Louis because that was our signature face, a broken heart being stitched up from Liam, sunglasses from Zayn (we bought the same sunglasses one time and everyone made fun of us), an H, a picnic basket, an ice cream cone and last but not least from all the boys I got a ticket charm for the first time we met.

I smiled and climbed in bed. I thought about the boys. I thought about from the first time we met to where we are now. I loved them. I cried my self to sleep, soaking my pillow with tears.

"Gracie wake up! It's your first day of work and we don't want you to be late!" Emma said. I heard clattering and they started giggling. "C'mon! We made pancakes for you!" Katie said. "With chocolate chips?" I mumbled into my pillow. "Yes!" Emma said. I looked up and they handed me a tray with chocolate milk and my pancakes. I sat there for a while. "You need to hurry! You have to be at Starbucks by 12!" Katie said.

I finished my breakfast and the girls hugged me goodbye and took my tray. I hobbled over to my closet to pick out my outfit. I slipped on a pair of black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt. I slipped on a long necklace and my new charm bracelet. I pulled my hair into a curly ponytail and applied mascara. I grabbed my phone, keys and wallet and headed out for my first day at work.

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