When The Lights Went Out

All Lexie could heard were the distant gun shots. All she could do was hope Lauren wasn't in the way of those bullets. Then, " BANG!" One loud gun shot one shot that would change her life forever. Who did this bullet bring into her life, and what secrets does he try so desperately to hide??????


14. What Louis knows

Since all of these fools seemed clueless on what is really going on with Liam and the military, or at least that's what I call them. I decided to at tell them what I know. Can't hurt right? Then we can make some kind of real plan. We had made a camp for the night. It had been three days since Grace and I joined the group and it has been as dysfunctional as ever. "Louis! Get over here before I come get you!" Lauren yelled. She had been extremely touchy since the night I found her with Harry. Not that I'm surprised he always had a way with the ladies no one else had. Plus after Lexie told me that she can often act like this when she is confused or frustrated, that pretty much sealed the deal. She ether likes him or he likes her. So there's one reason to stick around

"Coming hothead."

"What did you call me?" She said looking straight into my eyes as I approached.

"Lauren lay off. It's been a long day, we all don't need to be punished for a mistake someone made," she said looking at Harry. Out of all the people here she and Zayn are the two most sane people.

"Ya kiss up come and have a seat."

"GRACE!" Zayn said annoyed with that resent comment made about me.

"Come on guys everyone just calm down it's been a long day and everyone is tried lets just get this over with. Ok? Alright Louis tell us what you know." It official I am adding Harry to the sane list.

I sat down as close to Harry and Zayn as I could get without raising suspicion, and began to talk. "First of all the facility they have now is only one of nearly 15 in the country."

"So this may be harder than expected. Liam could be in any if those buildings."

"Not really, my little Lexie my guess is that they are using him as bait to lure in the rest of us."

"Why us though? We aren't special." Zayn questioned.

"Actually you are," Grace commented, "It's the whole from London thing, you know? If they have you that means they have info on London government, military, so on so forth."

"Well Zayn there you have it may I continue?"

"Yes," Zayn said rolling his eyes.

"Ok second, they have improved the drug used on us when this all started. Curious little thing, it's suppose to, instead of knocking you out it simply rearranges you sense of reality anyway they see fit."

"That's not possible unless they were to have quiet a large medical staff. 20 at the least."

"Once again Lexie you have proven quiet useful." She just smiled. "But, she's right the medical staff is estimated to be around 40 in chemists alone."

"God this is worse than I thought." Zayn said.

"Wait a sec. I want to know how you got all this information Louis." Grace stated looking very intimidating.

"Look I know a guy on the inside we met a while ago and have been able to stay in contact with him until a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea where he is or what happened to him."

"Was it Mathew?" Zayn questioned.

"Actually, ya! Why would you know that?"

"Because we just so happened to run into him. I have to say he isn't one for good first impressions." Lauren said, looking very annoyed with what ever had happened.

"Anyway, so is this going to take all night, or can I continue?" No one said anything so I just moved on, "As far as I can tell there numbers have grown exponentially. The last time Matt talked to me he said that there where nearly 1000 new recruits and then he disappeared, so that would mean he was probably going to get you, Zayn."

"Considering he gave away that much info I can guess he wasn't planning on going back there alive," Zayn concluded.

"Also that would mean he had some kind of plan. Someone else who is for his cause. You know? Like an little Resistance," Lexie added, I was starting to like this group. They were able to fill in the holes better than I could.

As we began getting ready to getting ready to get some sleep I heard a rustling in the bushes. I wasn't the only one who heard it either. Lauren, Lexie, and Harry were looking in the same direction. Lauren who looked especially scared was looking slightly to the left. I followed he gaze to see two brown eyes staring back at me.

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