When The Lights Went Out

All Lexie could heard were the distant gun shots. All she could do was hope Lauren wasn't in the way of those bullets. Then, " BANG!" One loud gun shot one shot that would change her life forever. Who did this bullet bring into her life, and what secrets does he try so desperately to hide??????


6. Unstable trust

A/N: sorry I haven't updated in a while, school is starting up again and updates will be more separated. Enjoy my last chapter till school starts. PS I am still going to keep write this fanfic but it may be a while till it updates.

Lexie told me what she saw out with Zayn the other day. She said it was no big deal that it probably just a little family air loom. How can she be so cheery about it? For all we know he could be a serial killer. I look over at him sitting next to me trying to start a fire, he look back and smiled. That smile had to be a be a mask, it couldn't be real, he was a stranger for all we know. He turned back to his work and didn't look at me till he was done.

"Would you like me to do it?"

I looked up to find Zayn standing over me and looking at the mess of rope I had in front of me. "No! I can do it perfectly fine on my own." Lexie had in trusted me with this task and for once HE won't intrude. I turned back to my work as I listened to him walk away. When he was gone I abandoned the rope and head to the woods. I need to clear my head before I could do anything to the best of my ability and it seemed that was the only quiet place in the world. As I walked I thought of how Lex constantly look at Zayn. Could she really be falling for him? And if so what is she getting herself into? Then I was snapped back to reality when a bird swooped at my head. I ducked and screamed running to the safety of a bush. Stupid bird! I am deathly afraid of them because of a traumatising moment when I was a child. Then, when the bird finally left, I realised that I was totally and completely lost. Worst of all this wasn't my first time. I space-out so easily that I forget to pay attention to where I go. I got up and began to head back through the woods when I heard a branch snap. I turned around and behind me was a man. He was nearly 10 inches taller than me and a shadow hid his face, but I could see the glint of a knife in his hand. He looked directly at me and smiled raising the knife and at that moment I thought "I'm going to die, I am going to die and one will know where I am." Why didn't I grabbed a knife. Then a blur of a figure knocked me to the ground. I fell in a puff of dirt. When my vision cleared I saw that the figure who had knocked me over was Zayn. He had the man pinned to a tree and was yelling at him. I could see his features clearly no he looked no older than me.

"How dare you Mathew I told you leave me alone! I told you and your stupid little group that I resigned!"

"But Zayn I have something to tell you it urgent!" Mathew tried to say with Zayn's hand on his neck.

"Then why did you attack my friend!"

"I__I didn't know she..."

"IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!" Zayn let him go and turned away from Mathew, "It wasn't right to just attack her." Zayn walked away from him and stood next to me. Reaching out, Zayn said with a slight smile, "Here let me help you up." Out of shear shock I shied away from him. He looked taken back then Mathew came up and turned Zayn to talk to him.

"Zayn............. it's Liam... They got him."

"No!" Zayn said falling back against a tree. "No, this can't happen he_he just can't."

"Zayn. I'm sorry, but you had to have none it would happen. It did to you and Harry and Niall and and Louie."

"But Liam was so determined and clear headed. I never thought they would turn him."

I had no idea what was happening, so out of shear stupidity I yelled, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!" I instantly regretted it.

Mathew turned to me with a gaze like knifes. "Well if you must know. Your precious little Zayn and his friends were part of a group of elite people given the task of eliminating unwanted individuals."

"So a they are murders," I said.

"No not a murder just a solider and a mindless zombie." Zayn said staring at the ground. He hadn't moved from that spot for the whole conversation. Mathew turned to Zayn and paused then turn walked toward the deeper part of the woods. Leaving Zayn just sitting there. I, feeling utterly betrayed, stomped over to Zayn grabbed him by the arm and dragged him back to the house to explain to Lexie what had happened. All the way Zayn didn't even say a word. Who cares he is a killer and I will make Lexie see that.

A/N: Sorry the chapter was so long I had a lot to catch up on and since Lauren has had no personal views I think it was far, anyway my chapters my end up growing in size because the story will be picking up soon. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the next chapter:)

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