When The Lights Went Out

All Lexie could heard were the distant gun shots. All she could do was hope Lauren wasn't in the way of those bullets. Then, " BANG!" One loud gun shot one shot that would change her life forever. Who did this bullet bring into her life, and what secrets does he try so desperately to hide??????


7. A blessing or a curse

A/N: Sorry it has been so long since I updated. Hope you enjoy I will try to update more often.

I sat there listening to Lauren go on and on about how she was attacked in the woods and BLAH BLAH BLAH. All I really cared about was how broken Zayn looked. What had I missed. Then Lauren said something that made all my attention go to her, "Lexie he is a killer!"

I turned to face her all I could muster was the word "What?!"

"Lexie he is a killer. I'm sorry, I know how you felt about him." I turned to Zayn he only sat there staring at the floor.

"Is this true?" I asked him. I knew he would not want to talk too much.

He looked up at me with a sadness in his eyes I had only seen once in my own eyes and said, "Yes and no"

Lauren was obviously not satisfied with that because she turned and screamed at him, "HOW DARE YOU LIE TO HER! YOU EVEN TOLD ME THAT YOU WERE!"

"No I didn't. I said that I had no control of what I was doing."

"Who cares you still killed. Does it really matter how?"

I was sick of this bickering so I did the first thing I thought of. I grabbed both of them by their shirts and dragged them to the couch and shoved them down. Lauren had a dazed and confused look on her face; she obviously didn't expect to be interrupted. But Zayn just sat there with that broken look on his face. It hurt me to see him that way, but I needed to know what was really that truth.

I stood in front of them like a mother scolding to rowdy children and said, "All right we will sit here for as long as it takes till these stories start to make sense!"

At first we just sat there staring at each other then Zayn spoke up, "Lauren you think I killed with my own free will, right?"

"Of course why else would you do it, you murder."

Good for once they are talking rather that's yelling, I thought. But the stories still didn't make sense so I stood there watching and waiting how it was going to go.

Zayn, still staring at the floor, said, "Well I didn't have a choice on wether I killed or not. In fact I had no free will at all."

That struck me like a punch. How could you not have free will? Where was this happening? And why was it happening?

"What do you mean," Lauren said for the first time today with a surprised tone.

"Well when I first met the people, who you could say kinda brainwashed me, I thought that they were good guys. But I soon found out that then were just the opposite. They split up me and the boys up and locked me in an empty room. I stayed there for about 3 days till one day a man came in. I, from the start, was careful around him. Trying to stay as far away from him as possible, always watching him and what he did, never doing as he asked. But then about the third day he came I he told me that he had already help Niall, Louie, and Harry, and soon I would be helped. Well it had been about 6 days till I had really slept or ate, so I wasn't able to concentrate as well and when I wasn't paying attention he stabbed a syringe in my arm and everything went black.

"I could hear things while I was out. Screaming, gunshots, and crying mostly. But every time I nearly came-to I felt that pain in my arm and I was in darkness again. One day I regained continuances and I had blood on my hands and in front of me was a body that looked like it had been torn apart by wolves. Next to it was a bloody knife. Louie, Niall, and Harry were there and they all looked as if they had all just woken up from a nightmare. We got out of the building we were in right away that's when I met Mathew he told us what was happening and helped us get away. We offered for him to come with us but he said that he had to stay, so we went on our way. Liam was the only one of us that was still there. I assumed that he was being his stubborn self and was still trapped there, but when Mathew showed up again I knew I was wrong."

I just sat there staring at him. He had gone back to the broken shell he had been earlier. It was so sad that he had all that happen to him and to have his friend and only hope taken from him. Then I remember a saying that had helped me through even the worst times. I stood up and walked over to Zayn and simply said, "Zayn I don't believe you are a killer. But please remember curse from hell, a blessing from hell. No matter what we don't choose our fate.' Fate has given you a second chance to live your life and fix things. Take it." He looked up at me and smiled a tiny, weak smile.

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