Definantly Sinking

Quincey is a young girl who no one understands. To everyone she is the girl who cant even manage to kill herself. Quincey's brother Shaun is her main source of pain. Quincey is determined not to fail leaving this world, but all the sudden she has something to live for...or so she thought.


1. Fog

I woke up startled and heavily breathing.

It took me a while to relax again. I starred at my celling for a while then glanced at my clock.

"4:45 am" i read. "Great" i thought to myself "another day in hell". I watched the clock tick wishing it would slow down. Shortly after the clock struck 5:00 i heard a few knocks at my door, followed by a loud yelling voice "get up!"

I laid still for a while admiring my room. I loved my room. It was my place to be alone. My place to avoid my dad and brother. I looked at my dark olive green walls, and then at my Sleeping With Sirens and Motionless in White posters.

I got up and made my navy blue bed. I went to the closet and picked my outfit. Black skinny jeans, a dark red shirt that said "put your teeth to the curb" (it was my favorite shirt), and black boots.

I took my clothes to the bathroom and got in the shower. The water was warm. I washed my dyed black hair and then my body. I examined the scars that covered skin. So many of them. Everywhere. On my arms, thighs, stomach, and ankles.

I got out of the shower. I looked at myself in the mirror. "Ugly" i saw. My skin was very pale, my eyes were a light hazel brown, my lips were very tiny, and my nose was small too, but my eyes were large compared to my long face, my body was fat, (or so i thought) i had large thighs, a huge ass and medium sized boobs. I was a bit short compared to people.

Dried myself. Blow dried my long black poofy hair. Put on my clothes. Put on my makeup, a thick line of black eye liner over my top eyelid, mascara, and my foundation, that made me look human.

I went into the kitchen. My dad was still asleep. My brother Shaun was in the kitchen eating cereal. He had blue eyes like mums. He had dark brown hair and was wearing a white shirt with jeans and Jordans. I hated my brother. With all my heart. Ever since mum died he has been horrible to me.

He looked at me in disgust. I smiled back sarcastically. "Are you going to eat Quincey?" He said. I just looked at him. "How long will it take for you not to be fat" he said smiling.

I was about to walk out the door to catch my bus. It was a foggy day. I loved these days. I started to walk out. He grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. "You made a sound and i will beat you more" he whispered in my ear. "Got it?" He said angrily. I nodded crying, knowing what has happening next.

He dragged me into his room, the furthest away from dads room. He locked the door. I tried not to scream for help. I knew what was coming. It happens a lot to me. He threw me on the floor hard. He tied a handkerchief in my mouth to keep me from screaming. He pulled of all of my clothes. Then he tied me down. I cried. I cried hard. He unzipped his pants. I closed my eyes and wished i could escape this. All i knew is this would be the last time he did this to me.

It was about 10 minutes later. He put his pants on. Untied one of my hands. And walked away.

I knew i couldn't tell dad what was happening. It would be worse for me. I used my one free hand to untie myself. I put my clothes back on. I didn't even bother to fix my makeup that was all over my face.

I walked outside. I started walking to the bus stop, still uncontrollably sobbing. I saw my bus drive past me. "Shit" i yelled. I was fed up, depressed, "Worthless" i walked home in the thick fog in fury. Not knowing what would happen next.

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