(Ok this is my first movella so....) Natalie and Abby get into a fight but what will happen when one direction comes and brakes up the fight? Will things happen for Natalie and Abby? Will love and lust get in the way of friend ship?


7. you and I

Niall's pov

I was driving away from her house and all I could thing of was Nat. She was perfect but I could tell she didn't think so, but I'll change that. I drove back to the house we were sharing. The place was HUGE it had 7 bedrooms a bathroom in each bedroom, a game room, a in door pool and hot tub, and everything else you would find in a house. When I got to the hours I parked my car and hoped out. Man I still couldn't get Nat out of my head. I opens the door and the lads must be here because there was parked in the drive way. I walked in to find the boys watching tv in the sitting room. "Hay guys!" I said. I got 4 hi's in return. I sat next to Louis on the couch. I was thinking about Nat when Louis poked my shoulder. "Whatcha thinking about?" He asked. "Just Nat" I replayed "ohhhhh you like Nat?!?" He said/asked. "Umm yeah I do." I should of seen this coming but just as I said that Louis wouldn't stop bugging me about me and Nat. At 10:00 I went to bed cause Louis was really annoying me. I was sitting on my bed with my feet over the side, just thinking. I texted Nat something but I didn't know if she was still awake so after I texted her I went to sleep with her in my mind.

Nats pov

I feel asleep thinking about Niall. The next morning I reached over to my nightstand and garbed my phone. I looked at my messages and saw I had one text from Niall. YAY. It said "good night beautiful"- Nialler. Awwww so sweet. We'er going out for breakfast today so I got out of bed and found something to wear it was summer so I was wearing a some short shorts, a cropped tank-top with my hair in a messy bun and flip-flops. When I was done with my outfit I heard a car horn beep. I went to my window and saw Niall's car in the drive way. He waved to me, I waved back and ran down the hall garbed my phone and walked out the door. He hopped out of the car and hugged me, and I hugged him back. "So it's just us?" I asked "yep, you and I" he responded and with that he opens the door for me and we drove away to the café.

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