(Ok this is my first movella so....) Natalie and Abby get into a fight but what will happen when one direction comes and brakes up the fight? Will things happen for Natalie and Abby? Will love and lust get in the way of friend ship?


1. hello

Natalie's pov

So I'm Natalie but I prefer to be called Nat. I'm 17 and not exactly the popular girl in school. I live the thug life haha. Yeah, skipping school and getting in BIG trouble and fights but I just say I'm alive and having fun. I'm not rich but I'm poor. My dad is in jail cause has a drug Attic and was selling drugs illegally. My mom hates me and my brother died in a car accident when he was 11 so I don't really have any one to look up to. Then there's Abby my 'friend'. She practically uses me and I don't even know why. Abby is the most popular girl in school and she gets everything she wants and more. I get nothing (not to be selfish or anything) OH and I LOVE one direction there my only hope and love. That's it about me!


Hope you guys liked the first chapter!

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