(Ok this is my first movella so....) Natalie and Abby get into a fight but what will happen when one direction comes and brakes up the fight? Will things happen for Natalie and Abby? Will love and lust get in the way of friend ship?


3. fight *continued*

Nat's pov

"Why are you acting like this?" I asked. Abby's face softened. "Ummm well in math class when you were fixing your bracelets…" "go on" at this point I was really worried. "Uggg ... I saw… cuts" she whispers the last part. Oh. Shit. What am I suppose to say? Then her face hardened and she yelled "why do you cut I mean you don't have it ba-" I cut her off "I DONT HAVE I THAT BAD? HOW DO YOU KNOW?!?" She stepped back and crossed her arms. "Well you're always so happy and cheerful." I stepped closer to her "you need to fake that your happy or people will know what effects you and scar you." Wow I can't believe I said that. She scoffed "well apparently you want to die so just kill yourself!" Oh she did not just say that! "THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!" I yelled. "WHATS WRONG WITH ME? NO! YOU FUCKING CUT YOURSELF, NOW THATS MENTEL!" I couldn't take it anymore. I jumped on her and hit her hard. "YOU CANT SAY THINGS LIKE THAT!?!" I yelled in her face. I was throwing punch after punch. I heard people running to us and yelling at me to stop. I kicked her one last time on her side and I was throne off of her. I stumbled over a rock and fell backwards. 5 boys were helping Abby and seeing of she was ok. I could tell they were around my age. There backs were facing me. 3 of the boys helped Abby off the ground and walked her over to there car I'm guessing and drove away. The other 2 came over to me and when I say there faces I was in shock. There in front of me was Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. "Hay!" Harry said "why did you beat up that girl!"


Ohhh so 1D was in the park aha. I'll post the next chapter tomorrow or smithing ily

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