22 year-old Allison Sharper is a hard working young woman. At least she considers herself to be one. When three teenagers-two boys and one girl-show up to her home one cold night, claiming to be her new bodyguards because thugs have marked her for dead, she laughs it off and slams the door in their faces. Why would someone want an average Jane like her dead? Overnight Allison’s world is flipped upside down as she finds their dire warning to be true and to her horror, she can’t even attend her classes without dangerous groups of men and women showing up on campus. She is forced to cooperate with the trio of misfits. Each of them possesses an extraordinary talent that can fend off the assassin gangs. Who are these teens? They work for a secret division of the government which manages a program. In this operation, there are hundreds of humans like them, all gifted with ‘special’ skills. They are called "SQUADS." There are ten so far, including themselves. They are SQUAD#11, Her only hope.


4. Profile: Hector Marco Martinez

Current Name(s): Marco
Birth Name: Hector Marco Martinez
Homeland: United States
Ethnicity: Mexican
Born: July 20, 1997
Age: 17
Hair: Black (Cut Short)
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Tan
Build: Average (Tattoo on left forearm)
Height: 6'0
Weight: 200ibs
Occupation: Government Agent
Status: Squad Foot Soldier
R. Status: Single
Siblings: None
Mother: ??????
Father: ???????

About His Past:

Hector learned to fend for himself and look out for number one at a young age. He was a product of the state's foster care system and was moved in and out of several families until the age of twelve. He fled from his adopted family and started living on the streets. He stole food to keep from starving and joined a neighborhood gang the following year. During a botched initiation stunt with his new crew, he discovered his ability, and was able to save his cutthroat brothers from trouble with the authorities. In the following two years, he had taken over the small street squad and expanded it, using his 'special' talents. The fifteen year old went by the name "King Marc." That was until A.I.U. agents arrived; accompanying the veteran officers was a female worker, a sixteen year old rookie named Hazelena Welsh; she was able to break his powers and save the operation to capture him.

About Him:

Hector had always been a hotheaded, prideful unruly brat; it was the reason foster families didn't keep him long. He never listened to anyone. Instead, he wanted people to hear him. Becoming the leader of street crew only inflamed these qualities and satisfied him, to a certain extent. Attracted to materialistic things. He suffered a rude awakening when he first met Hazel; he learned that there are others in the world like him; not only that but they are stronger as well. During his two years at the A.I.U., he underwent a metamorphosis, somewhat maturing into a slick-talking, braggart who can take orders and likes to play the hero, however he still rushes into situations head first with no strategy, plus has no consideration of safety for himself nor those around him at times. Prefers to be called by his middle name, "Marco."

His Powers:

Marco’s talent lies in his big mouth; he possesses the gift of Hypersuasion; he can make an unsuspecting person do whatever he says. Although he is extremely cocky with his skills and loves showing off, he can only influence one person and if the victim has a stronger will than his own, his power is ineffective. This is why he cannot control Hazel. Like her, he too is a pure-blood Abnormal.


Being the hero!


Being told what to do.

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