22 year-old Allison Sharper is a hard working young woman. At least she considers herself to be one. When three teenagers-two boys and one girl-show up to her home one cold night, claiming to be her new bodyguards because thugs have marked her for dead, she laughs it off and slams the door in their faces. Why would someone want an average Jane like her dead? Overnight Allison’s world is flipped upside down as she finds their dire warning to be true and to her horror, she can’t even attend her classes without dangerous groups of men and women showing up on campus. She is forced to cooperate with the trio of misfits. Each of them possesses an extraordinary talent that can fend off the assassin gangs. Who are these teens? They work for a secret division of the government which manages a program. In this operation, there are hundreds of humans like them, all gifted with ‘special’ skills. They are called "SQUADS." There are ten so far, including themselves. They are SQUAD#11, Her only hope.


3. Profile: Hazelena Isabelle Welsh

Current Name(s): Hazel
Birth Name: Hazelena Isabelle Welsh
Homeland: United States
Ethnicity: Polish, Italian
Known Languages: A Bit of Polish, American Sign Language, English
Born: August 10, 1996
Age: 18
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale,
Bust: 32C
Derriere: 28 inches
Height: 5’6
Occupation: Government Agent
Status: Squad Leader
R. Status: Single
Siblings: None
Grandmother: ??????
Grandfather: Rolland Welsh (Deceased)

About Her Past:

Born from a single mother wanted by several Government organizations for her federal offenses, Hazelena Isabelle Welsh grew up on a farm with her grandfather, not knowing a thing about her birth-parent. She was home-schooled until she was fourteen and later that same year, in the fall, she attended public high school where she had to toughen up fast, due to the cruelty of her adolescent peers. It was also during her teen years that her once dormant abilities as a pure-blooded “Abnormal” began to awaken. In her sophomore year, a representative of the U.S. Government visited her home and since that fateful day she has been an agent of the Abnormal Investigations Unit, also known as the A.I.U. Her superiors helped shape her to be the woman she is today.

About Her:

Once a quiet, people-pleasing, wholesome girl, Hazel has had to do a lot of growing up in the last four years. Working with the A.I.U. has molded her into a tough, strong willed and responsible young woman who does not hold her tongue. However, the cruelty of the world and her peers, not to mention the recent death of her beloved grandfather has ripped her innocence from her and forced Welsh to develop somewhat of a bitter and guarded heart. She doesn’t trust many people; especially outsiders and newcomers for fear of being emotionally crippled once again. Nonetheless, she soldiers on, holding in all of her pain. She’d rather not share her true thoughts and feelings with anyone. Instead, she keeps several diaries.

Her Powers:

Hazelena is a pure blood “Abnormal,” meaning she was born with her powers because it was passed down from her parents. The stronger special genes of a parent end up becoming the talents that the offspring acquires. The young lady possesses an enhanced will; she can turn her willpower into a force of energy which she can use to plow through one or more enemies as if running them over with a vehicle. She can only use her skill in when enraged, in fear, or in dangerous situations that enable a flight or fight response. The stronger her determination, the more powerful her assault. In addition to her heightened ‘strong heart,’ she is also able to resist users who have the ability to manipulate one’s own will against them.


Getting Things Done!


New People.

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