Girls like Me


1. Intoxicating

I walked into the room slowly. It wasn't the first time I'd been to Madeline's house. We'd been friends for about a year, and I'd been here a few times before.

I walked by the full length mirror of the closet. I stopped to study the familiar stranger I saw there.

There was a shorter girl of about 5'3" standing there. She had long, dark, chocolate brown hair that flowed to about the middle of her back. She had wide brown eye framed by long eyelashes that waved seductively to you every time she blinked. But something in her stare seemed to hold you there, something deeper than she let on. My eyes traveled the length of the girl's body. She was slim, with a muscular tone. A slight hour glass shape, and a tight white shirt that accentuated her flat stomach.

This girl in the mirror that was so familiar to me, yet seemingly a stranger with the mystery in her eyes, was me.

I leaned closer to the mirror to get a closer look at my full lips. I took my ring finger and wiped away the excess gloss at the corner of my mouth. And then I smirked. Because as I turned I already knew that I was being watched.

I turned and was faced with Madeline.

She had a distant dreamy look in her eyes that made me warm inside every time I saw it. That was the look that only I got. And I was in love with the idea of her loving me. It gave me a high that no drug could.

I out my finger under her chin and smiled. And I quickly turned away to lounge myself on her bed.

I collapsed into the comforting smell that always enveloped me when I gave Madeline a hug. I felt safe, and excited. Relaxed and jittery every time the aroma wafted my way.

"I'm so glad I could get out of my house today. I swear I was going crazy locked in my damn room." I said this with a sigh. And closed my eyes as I knew, out of habit, that Madeline walked closer to me. Almost drawn my way by something I didn't feel.

"Well you can always come here, cutie, you know that." She said it with a smile. And she still had that dream like look on her face, and I was really beginning to like it.

She now laid on the bed next to me. I could feel the warmth from her skin and was struck by the intoxicatingly good smell that came with her.

I rolled over onto my side so that I was face to face with her.

Her green eyes stared back at me intently. As if waiting for my eyes to speak to hers. And eventually they did.

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