I Can't Change

Alice is almost 18 years old. But she was stuck in the orphanage for one more week. And she got adopted by a man names Paul. What happens?


10. will you......

We stay like that. Him holding me. Don't know why but I feel safe with him. I wake up and I'm in the bed. He must have moved me. He's already awake. And he's playing with my hair.

"Why?" I clear my throat. "Why are you so fascinated with my hair?" I ask.

"I dunno. Just am." His answer in his raspy morning voice. God. It's really really attractive. I get up and grab some clothes and change in the bathroom I put on a dark purple shirt my favorite black leather jacket and black ripped skinny jeans. I do my hair and halfway threw Harry yells.

"Come on you've been in there for a year." While banging on the door. I lough. I finish up fixing my hair and I do my make up. I walk out.

"You may do do your business." I say gesturing towards the bathroom and he laughs. I laugh a little too. I put on my stilettos I know your wondering how I do it every day but its not that bad. Once you get used to wearing them you don't get blisters. Harry comes out dressed and all. We go downstairs and meet up with the rest of them for breakfast. I was enjoying my pancake when Liam says.

"Today is a day off so we were wondering if you would like to go to a movie premiere with us?" What the hell why not.

"Sure. But I don't have any thing to-" Louis cuts me off.

"I'm taking you shopping and to get your hair and makeup done." He says perky.

"Ok but oh whatever. Lets do this." I say. We finish our food and I go back up and I get my stuff and Louis meets me in the lobby. When we get to the mall I say.

"I am not planing on wearing anything that involves color."

"Too bad." He says pulling me into a dress store. After like ten dresses he doesn't like I say.

"Then you go pick." I give him my size and he goes into some racks. And he comes back with a indigo dress that is low cut in the front but it also has a slit on the side that goes up mid-thigh. I actually sorta like it. I try it on and Louis buys it. Hey it's not my money. Then he goes in to the shoe store and I tell him my shoe size and he comes back with black strappy heels. I don't like them but he doesn't care. I absolutely refuse a bag. And I go to get my hair done. Louis talks to some person as I'm sitting in a chair and she fiddles with the curls to get them the perfect size then she bends my bangs so you can see my eyes. I now want to chop her head off. To graphic? Oh well. And she does my make up. So Louis pays her. And when we leave I whisper

"I'm gonna kill you."

"Why you look good and your eyes are so beautiful. The makeup and hair show off your eyes don't you love them?" He asks. I put on a huge fake smile. And say through my teeth.

"No I hate my eyes."

"Well that-" he takes a picture with a fan. Then he continues. "That really stinks cause we all love them." I roll my eyes and we eventually get back to the hotel. All the boys are changing in some other room. So I get into the dress. Put the shoes on and sit on the bed and Harry comes threw the door.

"What if I was changing?" I ask.

"I would have seen you naked." Harry answers.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"Well I was wondering I'm would you…be .… my date to the premiere? He asks nervous.

"Well why?" I ask.

"Well um you see the others have dates and I kinda need one so how 'bout it?" He says.

"Sure why not." I say. Harry blurts.

"Now may I say you. Look. Stunning." I laugh.

"Not to bad yourself." I say as I fixes his bow tie and we leave. The movie was fun an on the way out we stopped for pictures.

"Kiss your date Harry!" A guy yells and then they all start chanting kiss so I shrug when he looks at me. He turns me around and kisses me. And it last a while. I pull away and we get into the limo. And the boys are staring at me.

Say nothing." I say and they nod. We get back and I change in the bathroom and I dive into the sheets. Soon I start to fall asleep. Harry wraps his arms around me and whispers.

"I'm just cuddling." I nod and I fall asleep in Harry's arms.

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