I Can't Change

Alice is almost 18 years old. But she was stuck in the orphanage for one more week. And she got adopted by a man names Paul. What happens?


9. who was he?

I storm back into the room and I look at the bed. I have to share that. With him. Aw hell no. I sit on the bed. I can't believe this. I look at the clock. I'm so tired. I quickly change and I go under the sheets. I lay down. And play on my phone. Then Harry comes out he's dressed. Thank god. I keep playing and I feel the mattress sink down. A no. I pick up my pillow and put it on the other end of the bed.

"You really are that mad at me?" He asks.

"No I just don't want you to try anything. I told I don't want to fall in love." I say. And I put my phone on the charger and I flop back down. I close my eyes and like five minutes later he comes next to me. I turn my head.

"What?" I ask.

"Your feet stank." He says. I laugh a little. "Plus I want to know. Tell me. Why are you so mean to us? Why did you used to dye your hair? Why are you afraid to fall in love? Tell me please." He asks and he gives me a puppy dog face. I give in and go on the floor.

"This will take awhile." I say. And he comes down on the opposite side of me.

"Go ahead. I'm here all night." He says.

"Ok. So I'm mean to you guys because I think that you are all way to nosie and Louis a perv and your one too. Zayn's just I can't describe that. Liam's actually nice but it wouldn't be fare. And Niall's the nosiest person I've ever met. He was looking at my computer screen and looked at it again. So that's why I'm being mean to you guys. And well your not that much of a perv. Your more of a flirt." I explain. He nods for me to go on as he points to my hair.

"The hair. Oh the hair. I started doing it when I was a a junior in high school. I lost my mom when I was ten and that was hard. But I wasn't that close to her. But when I lost my dad when I was fifteen that took a toll on me. I became depressed and I had to leave the school. I didn't come back until I was supposedly cured in the beginning of junior year but I changed a lot. When I got back I was getting bullied and made fun of for losing my dad and having to leave the school. At this time I dressed super girly sparkles light pink all that crap. So I thought instead of letting them push me around I decided to fuel the haters and dye my hair and go goth but I actually liked my hair that color but by senior year I was over the look so I changed into this which I liked. I grew my hair out dying it black over and over and it eventually got this length. Then I started to straighten it and I liked it. It was a new me but I still had no friends." I stopped because I didn't know if he was following. I looks up he stares at me for a few seconds taking all I said in that and then he says.

"So what about the love part?" I sigh.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. So you know I have no friends and this guy. Comes up to me and he becomes my friend. We are best friend and one day he asks me out. And of course I say yes. We went out of a while. Now don't get any thoughts we didn't do anything. But we were deeply in love. New Year's Eve he was coming over my house. And it's past nine. He told me that he'd come at eight. Then I get a call from his mom and I rush to the hospital. He was in a car crash and I wasn't allowed in but his mom was able to pull some strings. I run in and he's conscious and I grab his hand and he whispers to me that he will always love me and he grips my hand but I didn't tell you that this was a really really bad car accident and it was hard to look at him. Soon he slipped into a coma. I kept holding his hand he was literally clinging to life. I was with him twenty-four seven. Waiting for that squeeze that they give you. You know the one you read about or see on tv, but it never happened. I fell asleep one night and I woke up the the long beep and his hand was cold. I shook him asking him to come back. They tried everything and nothing worked. Nothing. I just don't want that to happen again." I start to cry. I lean over and cry into Harry's shirt. He holds me and kisses my head. I eventually stop.

"Can I ask you his name?" He asks with me cradled in his lap. I nod. And I look him in the eyes. "His name was Steven." I mumbled.

"Do you have any other friends?" He asks.

"Just a guy named John." I say.

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