I Can't Change

Alice is almost 18 years old. But she was stuck in the orphanage for one more week. And she got adopted by a man names Paul. What happens?


11. show time

I wake up to see Harry's still asleep. I know for sure they have a show today and its my job to get him up. I try to get out of the bed but Harry pulls me closer to him. At least he's awake. I try to tickle him but that didn't work. Then I yell.

"Get up Harry!" Then he literally jumps out of the bed. I laugh a little. He goes and changes. He comes out in a pair of jeans and a black trench coat. I think. I go in and I think that I have to go to the show today I decide to wear something nice. I put on a pair of unripped black skinny jeans and a dark orange sweater. I fix my hair, curl my bangs again and do my makeup lightly. I walk out put on some converse. Harry was on the bed being stupid and playing on my phone. Well more of trying to brake into it. I take my phone from him and we leave. We were eating in the lobby and we were the last as usual. I eat a apple and a little box of cereal.

"At least we have our own place to eat breakfast." I say.

"You really don't like people." Zayn says.

"Well I'm getting used to the attention." I say.

"Ohh." They all say at once. We finish up and we go get our luggage. We exit the room it was our last night here we leave right after the show and we leave the hotel. I just push away all the fans and ignored the paparazzi's questions.

"Are you and Harry going out?" Mainly a bunch of crap like that. I just really really want to slap them. We get on the bus. Now just so you know we are going to Cincinnati where I used to live and I decided to visit my old school for a day. We get to the arena and I talk with Paul as they kinda rehearse. It was really funny to watch. Oh and there singing she's not afraid. That's good. I yell at them to actually work and the song of course they really work at is she's not afraid. Afterwards they do backstage and Harry grabs my arm.

"Come come I want to show you something." I trip and I eventually run. He leads me to a Segway.

"Is this Niall's?" I ask.

"Yes it is now get on." He says and I get on and he comes on behind me. Great. We lean and we get away from Niall. And Harry jumps off and I give Niall back his Segway. Then Paul tells me that it's six minutes till the show. I was to get Louis out of the gulf cart. I run into the back room and he drives up and hits the brakes I put my hands on the hood.

"You out." I say. He gets out and I pull him into the dressing and I lock the door. I have a key. Zayn. Where is he. There he is. On a skateboard.  I run and I put my arms around him.

"What the? Rape!" He yells the skateboard was long gone.

"Shut up." I say and I take him to the dressing room. The rest of the boys were in there. They were dressed. And I was satisfied. I got them on their launch pads I guess thats what you call them a minute before show. I had a bin of there mic's. and I say as I hand the mic's out.

"Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn." They thank me. I step back and they shoot up. I go up the stairs. And meet Paul.

"Good job. I didn't think they'd make it." He says hugging me.

"Nether did I." I say. We laugh lightly and watch the show. Later I go to the dressing rooms and I look for some water. I was told to get the boys more water. I come back with five ice cold waters. I get the closest to the stage with out people seeing me. They come and get it. Harry grabs me. I forgot that she's not afraid was next and they needed a girl. To use I don't know. So I'm pulled out there and I would usually freeze but I didn't. The crowd ooo's and roll my eyes. They sing and I was about to walk off. Niall says

"In the words of Carly Ray Jepson where you think your going baby?" I close my eyes and turn around. I walk down to the crowd and high fived some girls and found a seat actually reserved for me. I sit down and look over. Some screaming girls standing up and I'm sit down and at the end of the show I go back stage and smack Harry.

"You do not do that." I say.

"Do what?" He asks rubbing his arm.

"Pull me out on stage." I say.

"And you!" I grab Niall.

"You do not pull that again too. So help me God I will kill all of you."

"Ok." They say holding their arms up in surrender. They change into normal clothes and have to sign autographs. I just wait in the bus in my bunk. They all come on. I can here them laughing. I was on my laptop.

"Hey." I hear Harry's voice. I look over.

"My I help you?" I ask.

"You should get an Instagram." He says. I laugh so hard and say.

"Never gonna happen." I say.

"Whyyyyyyyy?" He asks.

"Cause I don't want to now. My office is closed." I say. Then my phone rings. It's Simon.

"Hello?" I say.

"Yes. Can you start the recordings?" He asks.

"I can start in the morning." I say.

"Good. Thank you." He says and hangs up. I put my phone down and continue playing some game I found. When Liam pulls me away from the computer we all play twister. Louis and I are the only ones left and it's not the best spot to be in. He falls down trying to get his left hand on green. I laugh and scream victory. Then I hop to the fridge and I get some pizza. I heat it up and walk back. I had changed into grey sweats and a white tank top. With my black hoodie over it. Nice and comfortable. Barefoot too. I walk in and Harry's on the couch trying to set up a twitcam. I take the computer press a few buttons and hand it back to Harry.

"My biological dad was really good with electronics and numbers." Harry nods and I walk to my bunk and I pop my head down at Liam. I have a creepy smile on my face and he jumps a little. I laugh at that.

"Good night." I say it was only ten but I'm exhausted from last night. I don't know if I can make this tour. I yell good night and they all mumble night back and I fall asleep. Oddly I was dreaming of marrying Harry my actual dad was walking me down the isle and Paul was on my other side. It was just weird.

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