I Can't Change

Alice is almost 18 years old. But she was stuck in the orphanage for one more week. And she got adopted by a man names Paul. What happens?


5. kiss in the dark

I wake up with a cold cloth on my head. And I'm on my bed. I take the cloth off and walk downstairs. "Your up!" Harry says.

"Don't ever pull that crap again. Where is Zayn?!" I yell. And Zayn comes out. Needless to say I go off on him. "Why? Why? You know I'm shy why the hell would you do that to me?!"

"I- I- I'm sorry. But we- I just- sorry." He mumbles and he goes into his room. I throw my hands up in frustration I walk out of the room in search of Paul.

"Paul left." Louis says. I remember he live across the street. I grab my keys and run across the street. I bang on his door and he opens up.

"Glad to see your ok." He says opening the door.

"Do I have to go with you guys on tour. I think I'd be just fine here. I could call up a friend or something." I say.

"No you are coming and I don't care. I'm you father now. I gave you a house." He says.

"About that can't I live in it by myself and not have any of them hanging around?" I ask.

"I would but you see I'm moving in a week. And I want someone to keep an eye on you. But your not living with all of them at once. Harry's with you on Fridays (today) Saturdays and Sundays their all there. Every Monday is Liam's day, every Tuesday you are with Niall, every Wednesday Louis over. Finally your with Zayn on Thursday ok?" He tells me all this. I nod and say.

"I think it'll all be good." I look out the window into my drive way. And only one car is left. Well two counting the car he gave me. I don't know how on planet earth I will repay Paul. He told me its my birthday present but still. I don't want him giving me these. I give Paul a hug after we talked a little more. I walk over to the house and go into my house. And I smell cinnamon buns? I walk into the kitchen and I see Harry opening the oven and pulling out cinnamon buns. I was gone with Paul for long enough to make them.

"Did you make these yourself?" I asked.

"No I made them out of a box. Yes I did." He says.

"You can bake?" I ask raising my eyebrow.

"I used to work in a bakery." He says smiling. I thought that was just a roomer that the girls at my school started.

"Hmmm. I'm gonna make you bake for me all the time." I say teasing him.

"As long as you cook the dinner I'll make the deserts." He says. We agree. And I start making sandwiches. Because the kitchen is kinda taken right now. "Really?" He laughs.

"We we. Now vhat vould you like on your sandvich?" I say in a French accent. I'm a dork. He tells me what he would like in his attempt at a French accent. When the sandwiches were finished we ate and Harry brought the cinnamon buns out and I eat them. And he laughs at me.

"What?" I ask on my fourth bun.

"You eat a lot of baked goods." He mumbles.

"No it's fine. I just love these. You make a rocking cinnamon bun." I say and then he smirks at something he's thinking about. I kinda have a idea of what he's thinking. Something like "I rock at something else too." I laugh at that thought. And we finish up and we changed into pajamas I'm wearing a navy blue teeshirt and a pair of black, grey and white plaid pajama bottoms. When we were in the couch together he was in a red and black pajama bottoms. Paired with a white v-neck. We wanted to watch a movie on Nedflix, but I couldn't decide. So Harry decided picked. He picked a movie called Love Actually. We watch it together and we are under one blanket because neither of us wanted to get up. But I noticed that Harry was staring at me. But when I turned he looked away. Then at one part I looked at him and he looked at me. It wasn't a boring look it was a way you look at your crush. Then Harry leaned in. And next thing I know I was kissing Harry Styles in the dark. Harry freaking Styles. In the dark. We pull away and I quickly turned back to the movie. I'm not gonna lie. I liked it. And I can tell he knows. He's smirking. I get up.

"You know I'm kinda tired. I'm gonna go hit the sack." I say and I start to walk up and I hear Harry say

"I liked the kiss too." This is not good not good at all. But I couldn't stop thinking about the kiss in the dark.

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