I Can't Change

Alice is almost 18 years old. But she was stuck in the orphanage for one more week. And she got adopted by a man names Paul. What happens?


4. just so you know

I wake up from my awesome dream. I was at an amusement park and I was with some guy. I don't remember his name or what he looked like but because I was with him I got to ride anything I want. And we would just walk up the exit. That's all I remember really. So anyway. I push myself off the bed i take out my bun that almost fell out. and I see Harry in my bed. I pick up a pillow and smack the perv with it.

"Hey." He mumbles in his raspy morning voice.

"Get out." I croak as I point to the door. I sound horrible. My morning voice sounds think I dying cat. Eating a frog.

"Why? Your bed is so comfy." He says. Shoving the pillow over his face.

"Why the hell are you in my bed?" I asks clearly pissed off but still croaking.

"I got lonely and I needed someone to cuddle with. And Louis did want me to. And you were fast asleep when I came in." He explains.

"I really don't care. Get out you perv." I say pointing to the door again. When I thought he was getting up he actually pulled me back into the bed.

"Stay with me." He mumbles turning his face to me. I sigh.

"Fine." I say and I start playing with his hair and he plays with mine.

"Your hairs so long." He mumbles. "Why do you dye it?"

"This? this is natural." I say. And then I finally clear my throat so I can talk normally.

"Yeah right. I can tell its fake and you use some kind of iron on your hair. I can feeeeel it." He says. "Ok that just sounded like a drunkin creeper. I'm done." I say as I get up off the bed and go downstairs. I practically run from Harry. And I bump into Liam.

"Good morning?" He asks.

"Hi." I say. I see Louis staring at me.

"I see you noticed Harry." He says as I sit on the couch next to him.

"He's a perv." I say.

"Eh. I told him to." He says then I smack his left arm. Which is the closest to me.

"What was that for? It actually hurt. Dang girl." He says rubbing his arm were I hit him.

"For telling Harry to come into my room. Your both pervs." I say getting up. And walking to the kitchen which has Niall making toaster waffles. It's a big toaster. Like ten slots. And there is a waffle in every slot.

"Is there some for me?" I ask.

"In da box." He says pointing to a box.

"Is there some for the others?" I ask.

"This is all for me." He says as one pops up.

"You eat a lot." I mumble putting the box down and I grab a apple and a granola bar.

"And you eat little." He says. Putting the last waffle on his third plate. I sit on a stool at the bar and I eat start my granola bar. When Harry comes down the stairs.

"So glad you could come down." I mumble. Taking another bite.

"No problem." Harry says. I roll my eyes. I finish up my food and I go up stairs. I pick up my phone to see that Harry decided to put his number in it. Oh well. Guess I'll put a passcode on it. I change into a dark red sweater and some black ripped skinny jean. I put on some black shoes. Low heal. I do my make up and straighten my hair. I don't really care what Harry said. I walk back down stairs. I see their all ready to go. Keep in mind it takes forever to straighten my hair. I see Paul and the rest of the guys.

"Just so you know we're going on tour with them in a month." Paul says. Yay. "Oh and they have an interview today. So lets get a move on." Paul says.

"I can just stay here." I say.

"Yeah but I don't want you here by yourself." Paul says. I laugh and say

"I'm a big girl I can handle myself."

"You. Are joining us and that is final." Paul says.I roll my eyes and I get my phone and earbuds. "What no purse?" Niall asks.

"I have no use for them. I like to use pockets. I really don't carry a lot of stuff." I say as we walk out the door. We go into the van and Paul drives. I was listening to my music the whole time. I don't really like them in particular anymore. Come on. Perv one told perv two to sleep in my bed. The other three were fine...I think. I only have known them for a day. So when we get there I get out of the passenger seat and close the door. I sigh as I walk into the...tv studio? Whatever as long as my face is not in front of that camera it's all good. The boys sing live while we're young and I just kinda watch the monitor slash play on my phone. Sounded ok. When the finished I kept playing on my phone. They had some more questions to answer. When I assumed they were done they came backstage with me. I looked up and there was a lady holding a mic to clip on me. Aw hell to the no. But she puts it on me and I go back to my phone. Then Zayn comes backstage and gestures for me to come up. I shake my head. Then he comes up to me picks me up and I slap his arms but he just laughs. When we get on stage I give them all a death glare. And they all crack up.

"So boys who's this? Is it one of your girlfriends a cousin what?" The guy asks confused as to why I was brought out here. Full honesty I have no clue.

"She is named Alice and one of our staff members adopted daughter and we have to look after her with him. So we will be hanging out with her. And we didn't want you to think anything of it." Liam says. I sigh. Good I didn't have to talk.

"So are you sure? Alex do you have a crush in this group?" The host says. I was daydreaming "Huh? Oh no." I say.

"Mrs. Uh what's your last name?" He asks

"Is none of your business." I sass.

"Alice. Dial down the sass." Louis whispers. I just roll my eyes and sit on the chair. And then I realize I'm in font of a camera. I gulp and stop breathing. Eventually the thing ended and I was still frozen in my chair. Digging my nails into chair. And Niall comes up to me.

"You know it's over right? You can get up now." He says. I just gulp.

"Oh no. Paul!" Paul comes rushing over throws me over his shoulder and runs into the car and puts me in with the boys following behind. They all get in the car. I was already breathing fast in about five seconds I fainted.

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