I Can't Change

Alice is almost 18 years old. But she was stuck in the orphanage for one more week. And she got adopted by a man names Paul. What happens?


6. I'm not afraid of scary movies

I get up out of the bed. No Harry. Thank God. I go downstairs and I make breakfast Harry comes up behind me and snakes his arms around my waist. Aw hell no. This is not happening. I lean back and he turns around and pushes me into the counter. My escape plan is working smoothly. He leans in to kiss me and I lift up his arm and I run into my room. I already ate any way. I was just cleaning my plate. I lock the door and Harry yells threw the door.

"You little tease!" I laugh.

"Sorry Harry. I really don't want to fall in love." I say.

"You will be mine!" He yells as if it were a battle cry. And I just shake my head. And I put on some dark blue skinny jeans with a dark green long sleeve shirt. I put some black heels to go with it on my chair. Don't know if in going out today. I here the other boys downstairs so I walked downstairs. "Hey hey." I say.

"You look lovely and bare foot." Zayn says looking at my feet.

"Yeah why are you bare foot?" Liam asks.

"Heels are not fun. Would you prefer me in pink fuzzy bunny slippers?" I ask and Louis yells.

"Yes!" I laugh.

"No! I don't even own pink fuzzy bunny slippers." I say.

"It's a shame you'd look really hot in them." Harry says. Not good. Not good at all.

"So we doing anything today?" I ask.

"You want to see a movie?" Niall asks.

"Sure. I'll go get my shoes." I say. I run upstairs and I put on the heels and I walk back downstairs.

"I like you with shoes on your feet better." Liam says and I laugh. I put my phone and some money in my pocket and we go. We get to theater and Niall gets the tickets to some scary movie. We go to the concession stand I buy some popcorn and a soda. We go into the theater and Niall hands me 3D glasses. I thank him and he looks shocked. I shrug and I go in to my seat. Crap. I got Harry on the left side and Zayn on the right. The lights dim and I excitedly put on my glasses then Zayn looks surprised. I just payed attention to the movie. At the end we all get up and leave. I went to go into the bathroom because my hands are sticky from the popcorn butter and I over hear Harry saying

"I was hoping that she'd get scared so I could put my arm around her or that she'd like put her head into my chest." Then Louis yells.

"Harry likes Alice!" I roll my eyes. Saw that one coming I wash my hands and came out of the bathroom.

"Did you like the movie?" Liam asks.

"Yes I loved it!" I yell. "Really you weren't scared?" Louis asks.

"I'm not afraid of scare movies." I say.

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