There are many dimensions outside ours. Almost anything you can imagine has been and will be created. This story takes place in on of the more obscure dimensions of the universe. In this dimension there is a planet. The inhabitants of this planet do not have any shape or form. They are simply masses of color. No two colors are the same on this world, just like there are no two people exactly alike on ours.


5. The Color Ball

After much anticipation from Pink and Purple, and a little less anticipation from Yellow, the night of the Color Ball had finally arrived. Wanting to be punctual, Pink urged Green to take her 30 minutes early. When they arrived no one was there except for a few chaperones.

After a while, Yellow should up by herself, but nonetheless looking fabulous.

"Just try to have some fun tonight," Pink whispered to Yellow.

"They don't call me the fun police for nothing," Yellow replied. In reality, she was still thinking about her adventure with Teal.

Just than Blue entered with Purple around his arm. They walked through the crowd, turning heads as they went. Purple clearly look to be the favorite for Color Princess.

"I want to thank you, and you, and you," she said, clearly already practicing her acceptance speech.

The spotlights flickered on the stage as King Bronze went to the microphone to welcome everyone. The sight of one of the Royal Family members disturbed Yellow greatly, but she didn't want to tell her friends and ruin their night. She decided to attack them with humor instead. "Welcome everyone to the 3rd annual Color Princess ball. I hope everyone has an enjoying evening. And to whoever ends up winning the crown, I welcome you to my family.

As he said that Queen Silver and Prince Bronze joined him on stage and started waving.

"Is this always this cheesy?" Yellow asked. It usually was. The evening continued with a dance contest, karaoke contest, and volleyball contest. The royal family were very competitive people. Then the king got back on the stage to announce the winner.

"It's the moment that we've all been waiting for. It's time to announce the winner of the Color Ball! The winner of the 3rd annual Color Ball is-"

He never got to finish his sentence. At that moment there was a large whooshing noise as the ceiling ripped open. In the middle of the ball stood Black and White.

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