There are many dimensions outside ours. Almost anything you can imagine has been and will be created. This story takes place in on of the more obscure dimensions of the universe. In this dimension there is a planet. The inhabitants of this planet do not have any shape or form. They are simply masses of color. No two colors are the same on this world, just like there are no two people exactly alike on ours.


7. The Artist

Pink caught up with the rest of her group with Green around her shoulders. Normally she would be angry about her friends running, but now all she was concerned with was getting to safety.

A flash of light came from the sky. Everyone had to shut their eyes so they wouldn't go blind. Suddenly down came The Artist came down he as a pallet in his hand presumably for mixing new colors. However at this moment his pallet had nothing on it.

"I've come to you because you are the only ones left. Black and White have stole my paintbrush and have taken it back to the other side of the painting. All of civilization is being taken over. They captured the royal family and are holding them hostage. Within a few days the color will be gone from all of it. I have to focus the remaining power that I have to try and hold Black and White back but I'm fairly weak without The Brush. That'a why I need you to go retrieve it. It will be a dangerous journey but I have nowhere else to turn."

"Can you help our friend?" Pink asked, pointing to Green

"Unfortunately I can not. I can make it so be does not suffer but I can do nothing else."

Green began slipping through Pinks hands and started to dissolve just like the soldiers. Pink started to tear up as she watched the boy she had a crush in for a few years slip through her hands. However it wasn't long before Pink pulled herself together. That's what she did in times of crisis. She had to be the leader in this journey.

"We can do it," Pink assured. Yellow saw Pink's bravery and wondered why she couldn't have acted like that when she had the opportunity. She wondered if she could have prevented this. The others said nothing, just stared at the ground. With that The Artist disappeared and the group went on further into the forest.

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