There are many dimensions outside ours. Almost anything you can imagine has been and will be created. This story takes place in on of the more obscure dimensions of the universe. In this dimension there is a planet. The inhabitants of this planet do not have any shape or form. They are simply masses of color. No two colors are the same on this world, just like there are no two people exactly alike on ours.


10. Power Struggle

The group returned to civilization finding all of the color still there. There were Grey soldiers everywhere and Black and White were on a throne in the middle, running a dictatorship.

"I though you said Black and White were the good guys?" Blue asked.

"To me they are. It all depends on your perspective. The Artist has tossed us aside for and said we're nothing. Black and White give us an alternative. I need to get revenge on both The Artist and my family."

As soon as they entered the city, they were arrested and taken to prison, except to Platinum who was taken to see Black and White. Yellow know knew that she clearly should have said something, but was also concerned about where Teal was.

"Take me to my family," Platinum demanded. Black and White did not respond. They motioned for her to go forward where the royal family was being kept. Having acquired The Brush from a guard, Black and White left the throne looking for The Artist.

Platinum entered her former home but she found neither of her parents. Instead she found her brother Bronze weeping. Bronze turned around and hugged her, crying more now.

"They killed them!" He said. "Mother an Father are gone." Platinum struggled to find any remorse for her brother. Instead she simply muttered, "Good." Before her brother could react to this comment, Platinum had stabbed him.

"Good bye brother," she said as she watched him dissolve.

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