There are many dimensions outside ours. Almost anything you can imagine has been and will be created. This story takes place in on of the more obscure dimensions of the universe. In this dimension there is a planet. The inhabitants of this planet do not have any shape or form. They are simply masses of color. No two colors are the same on this world, just like there are no two people exactly alike on ours.


2. Introductions

They reached Yellows house and found her in her room sitting on the ground. "Hey guys," she said without turning around.

"We've come to see if you were up for school today?" Pink informed her.

"I don't really see the use" Yellow replied. Yellow had tried to resist school as often as she could. The point of color school was to teach colors how to change their shades and hues. Colors go to this school until they master color changing. Then when they die they become a color on Earth. Yellow however did not want to become a color on Earth, due to her rebellious ways, which is why she tries to avoid school at whatever chance she could.

"We'll if you don't go it's against the law," Purple added.

"It's funny, aren't you the one who is complaining about the law all the time?" Yellow argued.

Purple stared at her with a look of embarrassment. Regardless of winning the argument, Yellow started gathering her things in preparation of school.

Yellow and Purple didn't always get along like the best of friends. They would often start minor arguments and skirmishes. Yellow would get enjoyment out of it and and Purple saw it as a way to change Yellow for the better.

The trio left for school and started walking. After a while their discussion shifted to the annual color ball that was coming up next week.

"Hey Purple, you should go with Blue to the ball. You to seem to click whenever your near each other," Pink suggested.

"We'll I don't know, he's not even that popular. I am going for Color Princess after all."

The role of Color Princess was the whole point of the ball. All the girl colors spent weeks in preparation of the event. The winner was allowed to be apart of the royal family for one week. Most girls participated because of the game associated with it. That was a big part of it for Purple too, but Purple's main goal was to try and pass a law that would lessen the effect of all of the future royal family laws. Seeing how all Color Princess laws must stay in effect for at least one year, the Royal Family would have to oblige.

The tradition started when the royal family announced that their daughter, Platinum had gone missing. They ordered that a new girl would fill the role of their daughter one week a year. Most people accepted this idea including Purple, but Pink and Yellow found it a little creepy.

"I think that Blue is plenty popular enough for you, after all he is primary," Yellow joked.

Purple didn't even have time to respond before class started. There teacher, Beige, droned on about what makes colors different from each other, but no one was really paying any attention. Pink was thinking about what how much homework she would have that night. Purple had decided that she would allow Blue to take her to the ball after all, and was thinking of a way to give him a hint. Yellow was thinking about lunch, having already finished the rest of the homework from this unit.

Suddenly the voice of the principal came on the loud speaker. " I have just gotten word that there has been an incident regarding The Artist's paintbrush. They royal family is reporting that it has been stolen by Black and White."

People in the class began to become uneasy at the thought of Black and White having The Brush.

"Do not panic everyone. Everything will be alright. Also I am assured that next weeks ball will go on without a hitch."

Knowing that the ball was still going on relieved everyone. Everyone except Yellow at least. She felt like this news was far more important than a school dance, but none of her classmates seemed to share her opinion. Purple had passed a note to Blue that said to ask her to the ball. Before Beige could quiet everyone down and get on with the lesson, the bell rang and it was time for everyone to go.

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