There are many dimensions outside ours. Almost anything you can imagine has been and will be created. This story takes place in on of the more obscure dimensions of the universe. In this dimension there is a planet. The inhabitants of this planet do not have any shape or form. They are simply masses of color. No two colors are the same on this world, just like there are no two people exactly alike on ours.


3. Dance Prep

The next day Blue met Purple outside of school. He held up a sign with a homemade poem on it. The poem read,

'My name is Blue

I have a clue

As to who

Might make me true(ly)

Happy, and that who is you'

The poem was very cheesy but that was just what Purple loved. She immediately accept the invite. Pink and Yellow looked on from a distance.

"I wonder if anyone is going to ask us?" Pink wondered.

"I doubt it. All the boys here are savages anyway," Yellow replied.

"Yeah I guess so." Pink's heart wasn't really into that response. She was starring at one of those 'savages' now. Green was walking across campus behind Purple and Yellow. He had been the apple of Pink's eye for quite some time. Green also was attracted to Pink, but Pink did not want to be distracted by boys during school, so she always blew him off.

At this time Green noticed Pink and came to her ask her to the ball in another attempt at asking her out.

"Oh boy here comes Mr. Can't Take A Hint. Should I get the mace," Yellow asked.

"I think I'm actually gonna say yes this time"

"Wait why?"

Before Yellow could get an answer Green approached.

"Hey Pink, I came to ask if you wanted to go the the ball with me. I don't really have a special way to ask, so it's alright if you say no."

"I'd love to go!" Pink exclaimed. She had dreamed about this moment for quite some time, although she would never admit that to anyone. The bell rang and it was time for another day of class.

Yellow started walking back to class alone, having been abandoned by Pink for a boy. Noticing that there was no security making sure that had to stay there she snuck off. She wanted to follow up on what the principal had said yesterday. She started heading in the direction of the Royal Palace trying to find answers there.

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