Unexpected Guests



1. Chapter 1

Candice's POV

I walked into the school with my best friend Sofie. No,we weren't one of the 'pops', just regular people. Sofie and I walked into the cafeteria to get breakfast, until the posses of bad boys walked. There were just one posses which to me was a gang. They were called Midnight Memories. For some reason all the other girls would drool over them. After all they're a gang no one likes gangs. Ma and Sofie were back to doing our basics, until for some reason the 'posse' sat next to us... "Hello Babes" said the head gang member, Harry Styles."hi I'm really flattered,but I'm a little busy,you could move please."."oh we'll we wouldn't want that would we?" He said. Huh? Bet you he thinks he's gonna reel me in a get in my pants? No, exactly I'm not a easy-goer.

Harry's POV

Oh well, I've got a feisty one here eh? I love a good little challenge. Her name is Candice right? Oh yes, she is very hot as I say. "Can I take you for a date this Friday?" I asked curiously." I don't know are you gonna get into my pants?" Was her reply." I don't know if you want me to" I replied throwing a wink while smirking.All she did was huff." Please???" I would whine like a 5 year old. " fine but no funny business !" She said." See you then" throwing a wink. Ohhh this will be fun..

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